STIGA Tournament-Quality Titan Table Tennis Racket Review

There are several ways to review a product and these ways include researching everything about the product, buying the product and using it, and reading the reviews about the product. Hence, online reviews are valuable to consumers because, through these reviews, consumers will learn much about the product. In this STIGA Titan Review, therefore, we intend to provide consumers with an unbiased review to help them decide whether the STIGA Titan is worth buying.

We have conducted enough research on the STIGA Titan, and we have collated the different reviews left by those who have already bought this racket model. We also used this racket in actual games to see if it merits a positive review. Thus, in this review, we have exhausted every means to learn the pros and cons of buying this ping-pong racket.

stiga titan review

STIGA Titan Review

To come up with an impartial review, we’ve used the following parameters to evaluate this table tennis racket. These parameters include the following: design, ease of use and level of comfort, durability, affordability, dimensions and weight, and warranty.

  1. Design

The design of almost all the ping-pong rackets may look the same to the untrained eyes. Yet, if you would look closer into the details of the different ping-pong rackets on the market today, you would surely notice the subtle differences among the different racket models. Moreover, if you are a professional table tennis player, you would readily feel the nuances of each table tennis racket brand.

The maker of STIGA Titan is STIGA Sports which is based in Sweden. It has been known for producing great sports products like table tennis, rackets, air hockey tables, and many more. At first glance, the STIGA Titan may look like an ordinary racket; but upon closer look, you would notice its subtle difference from other racket models.

So, the subtle difference of this racket from other rackets lies in its rubber sponge and blade. Its blade is a 5-ply blade that is made using Balsa wood. Balsa wood, of course, is very light. Moreover, using STIGA’s Crystal Technology, the blade’s surface hardens giving it the added boost in speed. Its rubber sponge is a tournament-grade rubber that has been approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). 

It also makes use of Triumph inverted rubber which is unique to STIGA’s racket. This rubber may not be the best rubber for use in a racket, but it offers great control for beginners and intermediate players.

  • Ease of Use and Level of Comfort

As a beginner, therefore, you would surely love to use this racket. But if you are a professional who wants something more in a racket, you would surely get frustrated a bit with this racket. Of course, when it comes to ease of use, this one is certainly easy to use for beginners.

About the level of comfort, it all depends on your level of expertise. For the majority of table tennis players, they would surely find this racket comfortable to use. They would also find its concave handle great and comfortable to grasp.

  • Durability

When it comes to durability, there is no doubt that the STIGA Titan is quite durable. We’ve put it to test by subjecting it for several hours to tough games. Moreover, we’ve inspected the made of this racket, and we can assure you that it is meant to last for long hours of tough playing time.

But it all boils down to how you handle and take care of this racket for even if it is durable, it will surely get worn out if you don’t use it properly.

  • Affordability

The STIGA Titan is very affordable and belongs to the affordable type of table tennis rackets. Moreover, STIGA Sport, the manufacturer of STIGA Titan, is known for rolling out good products that are affordable.

  • Dimensions and Weight

This racket has the following dimensions: 12 x 7 x 3 inches. It is also lightweight at 7 ounces.

  • Warranty

The item does not come with a warranty.


  • The STIGA Titan is certainly good for beginners because it does not offer a lot of speed as compared to other high-end table tennis racket.
  • It is of good quality yet inexpensive at the same time.


  • It is not meant for use by those who are competing in international tournaments.
  • Sometimes it develops dead spot.


This STIGA Titan review aims to provide consumers with a useful review, and we hope we have achieved it in this review. STIGA Titan is a budget paddle, Yet, even if it is inexpensive, it does provide great playing experience for beginners as well as not-so-serious intermediate players. It can surely help beginners learn the basics of table tennis including the correct stroke and movements.

The STIGA Titan may not be the best ping pong paddle on the market today, but it does its job well. It’s lightweight, allowing beginners to play longer hours without their hands immediately tiring. It is also a reliable and durable racket for those who are aching to learn the rudiments of table tennis.

Yet, it is not the type of racket that would enthuse the experts and professionals of table tennis. Simply said, it is not the type of racket for the intermediate and professionals table tennis players. So, if you are someone who really wants to advance in your level of playing, you should look further beyond this racket.

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