STIGA Supreme Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket Reviews

There are myriads of ping-pong racket brands on the market today, and in this review, we are going to evaluate one of the racket models of STIGA Sports—the STIGA Supreme. To provide consumers with an unbiased review of STIGA Supreme, we’ve tried to use this racket for several hours of playing time. We’ve also collated and assessed the different STIGA Supreme reviews online and the reviews left behind by those who had already used and bought this ping-pong racket.     

STIGA Supreme Reviews

STIGA Supreme Reviews

A review of the STIGA Supreme would never be exhaustive if we don’t have reasonable parameters to figure out the merits of using this ping-pong racket. Hence, in this review, we have used the following parameters—design, ease of use and level of comfort, affordability, durability, blade type, measurements and dimensions, and warranty.

  1. Design

The STIGA Supreme is made of 6 plies of wood and it utilizes the STIGA’s Crystal Tech together with the Tube technology. It also makes use of the “Future” inverted rubber combined with soft 2-mm sponge. Thus, it can hold the ball longer, allowing its users greater control over the ball. Its design is for defensive players for it is best used for returning and blocking the ball. 

The STIGA Tube is a specific technology wherein the middle veneer of the racket is equipped with micro-channels. These microchannels in the middle ply are positioned lengthwise. These micro-channels are stuffed with various materials that determine its blade’s characteristics likewise.

On the other hand, Crystal Technology is meant for increasing speed. Other blades are treated with lacquer; yet, Crystal Technology is a different and better technology than the ones used for ordinary rackets. This technology makes use of a hydrophilic gel lacquer that is specifically developed by STIGA. 

  • Ease of Use and Level of Comfort

The STIGA Supreme is easy to use if you are a defensive player and it is of better quality than the ordinary rackets that you could buy. It is also lightweight, and thus, it would surely not tire your hand. Moreover, it affords you greater control of the ball and enables you to get a better defensive stance against your opponent. Its handle provides easy grip and its shake-hand style is great for beginners and intermediate players.

  • Durability

The usual part of the ping-pong racket that exhibits signs of wear and tear is the cover of the paddle’s surface. STIGA Supreme appears to be durable since its cover is made of Vinyl. Moreover, the STIGA Supreme is designed for performance level games and it is ITTF-approved rubber for any tournament play. As mentioned earlier, it is made of 6-ply extra light blade that appears to stand long hours of play. However, if you compare it with some other quality brands, you would readily notice that its rubber quality isn’t that really sterling, and thus, if you are a professional player, you would surely pass for this racket.

  • Blade Type

The blade type is made of 2-mm sponge with an extra lightweight 6-ply blade. Its 2-mm sponge readily provides it with an increased cushion that is great if you are a defensive player. Moreover, its 6-ply blade provides higher elasticity and since it has more layers of ply, it doesn’t feel woodier on your hand.

  • Affordability

The STIGA Supreme is one of those quality rackets that are within the budget range of ordinary players of ping-pong. Buying it would surely not make so much dent on your savings.

  • Measurements and Dimensions

Its sponge is 2.0mm thick. It is very light at 4.6 ounces. Its dimensions are 10 x 6 x 0.2 inches.

  • Warranty

This product doesn’t come with a warranty.


  • The STIGA Supreme is truly lightweight and doesn’t tire your hand after long use.
  • It enables you to have good control of the ball.
  • It also provides you with a better defensive stance.
  • It is very affordable.
  • It is designed for comfort.
  • It is great for beginners and intermediate players.


  • The STIGA Supreme offers poor firepower and is not meant for aggressively offensive-minded players.
  • It doesn’t come with a warranty.


STIGA Supreme Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket is definitely designed for beginners who enjoy having a remarkable defensive tack against their opponents. Its 2-mm sponge is great for defense-minded players because it provides great control of the ball. Its paddle, however, isn’t great for an offensive stance, and thus, if you thrive in being an offensive-minded player, you would surely get disappointed with this racket.

STIGA Supreme reviews vouch for the good characteristics of this racket. Online, you would read about serious intermediate or expert players who feel disappointed with this racket because it doesn’t provide great offensive stance and it lacks firepower. But if you are just a beginner or a not-so-serious intermediate player, you would surely not mind playing ping-pong using this racket.

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