Stiga Master Series ST3100 Competition Indoor Table Tennis Table Review

STIGA Sports, a global Swedish company is known for sports products like tennis table, air hockey tables, and snow riders. It has a long history of producing table tennis products since 1938. The STIGA ST3100 is one of its sterling products, and in this STIGA ST3100 review, we will try to evaluate the merits of buying this table tennis.

The best product reviews are obviously impartial and unbiased. Hence, in this STIGA Master Series review, we will try to be unbiased so that we could be of service to consumers who are desirous of buying a new ping-pong table.

STIGA ST3100 Review

STIGA Master Series ST3100 Review

The STIGA Master Series is unquestionably one of the popular ping-pong tables on the market today. In this review, we have evaluated this table tennis model based on the following parameters: design, durability, ease of assembly, price, dimensions, ease of storage, and warranty.

  1. Design

The STIGA ST3100 certainly looks good and stylish. It is surely a good addition to your recreation room. It would also readily blend with your other furniture. Moreover, it offers an amazing playing surface that is intended for great indoor playing. It also has a sturdy-link chassis that comes with durable and smooth silk-screened striping.

The STIGA ST3100 comes with built-in storage for balls. It can hold up to 24 balls. Its top is made of a fine board which is thick enough; furthermore, it also comes with net and post system. You can also configure it in a playback position if you don’t have someone to play with.

  • Durability

The STIGA Sport is known for quality products. Thus, it is safe to assume that the STIGA ST3100 is also durable. The STIGA ST3100 is basically made of 3/4 inch high-quality medium-density fiberboard top. It is glazed and layered with silk screened striping. The addition of this striping makes this table more durable. It also makes this table more stylish and adds up to the level of playing experience. 

The table chassis, of course, is more stable and sturdier than other available options within the similar price range, and thus, we could surely say that this table is meant for long hours of playing time. Its frame likewise is made of sturdy 2″ steel legs that are skillfully crafted for durability and stability.

The STIGA ST3100 is bordered by 2-inch apron. Plus, this table is equipped with 3” diameter wheels for easy transportability. Its heavyweight frame gives this table a sturdier bearing that you would seldom find in other less durable brands of table tennis.

  • Ease of assembly

The STIGA ST3100 is easy to assembly out-of-the-box. In fact, it requires minimal assembly. Out-of-the-box, you can set it up in less than 3 hours if you do it singlehandedly. But if you have a helping hand, you can be off playing after an hour or two.

The box is also very sturdy to protect the frame from accidental damages during shipping. The trickiest part of the assembly is when you take the table out of the box. You may find it a bit difficult to take out of the box if you are alone. With a helping hand, however, you can easily take it out of the box.  

  • Price

The price of the STIGA ST3100 is very affordable given its great quality. It is also just within the affordable range of tennis tables.

  • Dimensions and Weight

The size of STIGA ST3100 is perfect for professional level of play. Its playing position dimensions are 108″ x 50″ X 30.” Its playback position has the following dimensions of 60″ x 68″ x 62.” It also weighs around 208 pounds.  

  • Ease of Storage

When it comes to ease of storage, the STIGA ST3100 is quite easy to stack away. Its storage dimensions are 60″ x 30″ x 62″. Thus, after use, you can stack it away anywhere without it leaving a huge footprint.

  • Warranty

The STIGA comes with a great 5-year Warranty.


  • STIGA ST3100’s best feature is its sturdiness and perfect finish.
  • Its integrated ball apron likewise is very handy.
  • Its solo play mode is also great for those with no one to play.
  • It is very affordable likewise.


  • If you are a seasoned professional ping-pong player, you would surely find the red stabilizing bars less professional and less stylish.


We hope that this STIGA ST3100 review would help buyers to learn the merits of buying the STIGA ST3100. The STIGA ST3100, of course, according to our evaluation is a very durable ping-pong table that is worth buying. Its design and features are great. Its durability is commendable likewise

The price of the STIGA ST3100 is also very affordable given its sterling qualities and features. Many great tables with these qualities and features would surely fetch at around $1,000. Yet, you can get the STIGA ST3100 at a lower and very affordable price. Given its price, this table tennis table is surely a great buy.

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