STIGA Pro Carbon Review

We’ve reviewed a lot of table tennis rackets before, but we were quite excited to engage in the STIGA Pro Carbon review because of the growing popularity of this racket among many table tennis enthusiasts. The STIGA Pro Carbon has a good reputation for being one of the best racket models rolled out by STIGA Sports. STIGA Sports, of course, has been known for great table tennis products, and one such product is the STIGA Pro Carbon.

STIGA Pro Carbon Review

STIGA Pro Carbon Review

We’ve bought a couple of STIGA Pro Carbon so as to have a first-hand experience of how this racket would fair when used for long hours in actual games. We’ve also collated all the online reviews and feedback about this racket to ensure that nothing is unturned in this review. Moreover, we’ve used valuable parameters such as those of design, ease of use and level of comfort, durability, affordability, dimensions, weight, and warranty to come up with an unbiased evaluation of this racket model.

  1. Design

The STIGA Pro Carbon has a sterling design that includes great features. First, it is a performance-level ping-pong racket. It has a concave handle, just like that of the Evolution, and it features a solidly built 7-ply blade, 5 of which are made of extra light wood, while 2 of them are made of carbon. Its sponge is 2mm in thickness, and its rubber is made of S5 rubber that is specifically designed for intermediate and professional players.

The carbon layers provide this racket with crazy speed; moreover, it makes for good for offensive games. It also features Nano Composite Technology in its design for tighter bonds with the rubber; plus, it features microscopic air capsules in its ultralight rubber for maximum elasticity and speed. It also features Crystal Technology that hardens the blade’s surface to increase speed.

  • Ease of Use and Level of Comfort Afforded

When it comes to ease of use, many users of this racket attest to the fact that this racket is easy to use. Its solid built and 2mm sponge provides it with awesome speed and catapult-effect; moreover, its sweet spot is greater than those of the other STIGA racket models. It also features a hand-shake handle that is easy to grip and hold during play.

When it comes to the level of comfort, there is no doubt that the STIGA Carbon is the best racket of the STIGA racket series when it comes to the level of comfort afforded during play. If you are an intermediate player, you would surely say that this racket generates a decent spin and excellent speed. It may be difficult to control it at the onset, but you would surely get the hang of it.

Its ratings include the following: speed is 99 while spin is 100 and control is 80. Its forehand feel is definitely great and adds power while its backhand may lack a bit of spin. It is surely great for players who are just getting into the competitive mode of playing table tennis.

  • Durability

STIGA Sports has been known for durable products and we think that the STIGA Pro Carbon is a durable product likewise. To prove that the STIGA Pro Carbon is durable, we’ve subjected it to heavy banging tests of long hours of forceful games. It passed our test and we could vouch for its durability; though, this racket is not be meant to last for years.

  • Affordability

The STIGA Pro Carbon, just like the STIGA Evolution, is basically within the affordable price range of ping-pong rackets. Compared with other racket models rolled out by STIGA, it is more expensive, but taking into account its quality, its price is definitely reasonable.  

  • Dimensions and Weight

The dimensions of the STIGA Pro Carbon are 22″ x 7″ x 2″ and it weighs around 185 grams.

  • Warranty

It doesn’t come with a warranty.


  • The STIGA Pro Carbon comes with a stylish look that features great contrasting colors.
  • It is great for intermediate players.
  • It provides a great feel that you would surely relish.
  • It is a quality racket with ITTF-approved rubber.


  • The edges and handle can be a bit rough and may need a bit of sanding.
  • It is not ideal for chopping stroke and backhand.
  • Its rubber can’t be replaced.


We engaged in this STIGA Pro Carbon review because we would like to provide good information for “would-be” buyers of ping-pong rackets. After rigorous testing and gathering of information about this racket, we believe that this racket model is a good buy. It may not be the best racket for professional players, but it surely can enhance your skills as an intermediate player.

The STIGA Pro Carbon, of course, is the best offering of STIGA when it comes to table tennis racket. Its 7-ply feature is a remarkable improvement from its previous offerings. Lastly, its features and quality are surely commensurate with its price.

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