STIGA Evolution Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket Review

We believe that writing a product review is a great way to enable consumers to get useful information about a product. Hence, we have engaged in STIGA Evolution review to let consumers see the merits in buying this table tennis racket. STIGA Sports, of course, is the maker of STIGA Evolution and it is a Swedish company that specializes in manufacturing sports products like air hockey tables, table tennis, and snow riders since 1938.

Stiga Evolution Review

STIGA Evolution Review

The product review of STIGA Evolution will never be exhaustive if we are not going to read everything about this racket. It will also never be complete without considering the feedback of previous users of this product. Moreover, to come up with an unbiased review of this table tennis racket, we’ve used the following criteria of design, ease of use and level of comfort, durability, affordability, dimensions, weight, and warranty.

  1. Design

STIGA Sports had rolled out a series of STIGA table tennis rackets such as STIGA Pro Carbon, Supreme, Titan, Apex, and Evolution; yet, among these racket models, the STIGA Evolution comes out to be the one which was designed for greater control. Compared to the Pro Carbon, it lacks speed, though it is capable of lots of power. It is a performance-level racket with concave handle, premium rubber, sponge, and 6-ply blade.

Its design makes use of Shock Dispersion Tube Technology (SDT Technology). This technology makes use of a composite rod that is perfectly integrated into the blade and handle. It allows for greater vibration and energy upon contact with the ball; it enhances control, speed, and feel.

The Evolution features excellent craftsmanship. Since it is designed, not for beginners, but for intermediate players, it features a shake-hand paddle. It is made of ultra-light rubber that does not feel heavy on the hand. It is also made of 6 plies made of light wood and 2-mm sponge that features microscopic air bubbles.  

  • Ease of Use and Level of Comfort Afforded

The STIGA Evolution, as mentioned above, is made of 8 lightwood plies with a concave handle. This paddle is definitely cool and easy to hold and is lightweight enough not to put too much strain on your hand after long hours of playing. It also features ultra-light rubbers that do not add up to its weight.

With regards to the level of comfort, we’ve tried to use it for several hours to figure out the exact level of comfort it affords. Well, our assessment showed that it is very comfortable to the hand with its hand-shake feature. It is also not speedy enough like the Pro Carbon, and thus, it is great to use.

  • Durability

Compared to other less expensive ping-pong rackets, this racket appears to exhibit a high level of durability. We’ve subjected it to several days of great games and it showed no wear and tear. It may be lightweight even though it has six plies, but its being lightweight does not translate to weakness in its design.

This racket is designed for heavy workout and thus it will surely last for several months of long hours of playing. It is designed also for intermediate players which means it is a performance level racket that would not readily crack and get damaged. It is, however, not meant to last for several years as vouched for by some users who had their STIGA Evolution rackets damaged after several months of hard games.

  • Affordability 

The STIGA Evolution, of course, is still within the affordable range of rackets. You can buy it at Amazon. Compared to other rackets, like the STIGA Supreme and Titan, it is definitely more expensive.

  • Dimensions and Weight

The STIGA Evolution has the following dimensions of 12 x 7.3 x.28 inches. It also weighs around 7.2 ounces. It is slightly heavier than the STIGA Titan.

  • Warranty

The STIGA Evolution doesn’t come with a warranty.


  • The rubber of the STIGA Evolution is ITTF-approved.
  • It affords greater control.
  • Its rubber provides it with good speed and very decent spin.
  • It offers great precision.


  • On the downside, the STIGA Evolution seems to be very lightweight and not ideal for use by those who forcefully play.
  • It also exhibits a lack of control due to its less solid handle. 


This STIGA Evolution Review shows that this racket is a better racket than the STIGA Titan and Supreme. It is also designed for intermediate players who like to up their skill levels. Its great features include stun-absorptive elasticity, affords great control and spin, being lightweight, ideal for defensive players.

On the downside, its hollow handle makes it less ideal for use by forceful players who thrive in offense. Overall, we could say that this is a great choice as a tennis racket. Its use will surely enhance and raise your game a notch higher.

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