JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table Review

This JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table Review is a comprehensive evaluation of the merits of buying this ping-pong table. This review aims to provide prospective buyers of ping-pong table an in-depth assessment of the pros and cons of buying this table. Joola, of course, is a combination of “Jooss,” a department store, and “Landau,” a city in Germany.

Joola as a brand has been producing great table tennis since 1952, and JooLa Inside Table Tennis Table is one of its popular products. JOOLA Inside is an indoor regulation table is a great table for those who would like to learn the basics of the table tennis game. It is great for enjoying the day playing ping-pong with your kids, friends, and relatives.

JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table Review

JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table Review

To come up with a great review, we’ve spent several hours playing ping-pong on this table and figuring out the pros and cons of buying it. We’ve also collated information and reviews online about this product, including the feedback left by those who have already bought this item. Furthermore, we’ve evaluated this table according to the following parameters: Design, durability, ease of assembly and storage, affordability, dimensions, and warranty.

  1. Design

The JOOLA Inside is an inexpensive table for beginners and as such, you could not expect something extraordinary from this table. Yet, it does its purpose well by providing a good table to play table tennis. This table features a 15mm MDF Surface Tournament-grade blue tabletop that comes in two halves with 3″ lockable wheels and reliable casters for easy rolling.

You can completely separate each multi-use table. You can also use set this table up in a playback position. Each separate half comes with a sturdy undercarriage with foldable 1.5-inch steel legs and 1.5 steel apron. It also comes with a 72-inch tournament grade net together with post set. It also comes with rubber leg levelers.

It also features a system of spring-loaded safety latches that locks the top of the table in an upright position and prevents the table from unexpectedly unfolding. Its design is naively simple with not much fanfare and style.

  • Durability

We’ve spent several hours trying to figure out if the JOOLA Inside is durable enough, and our take is that it is pretty much durable. We’ve also collated the reviews of those who are using this table and the majority of users of this table seem to find it satisfactorily sturdy to last for years.

Of course, the way you use the JOOLA Inside and the amount of moisture in the place where you position this table can surely have a bearing on the durability and longevity of this table. Its steel components would surely rust if you expose it to much moisture, and thus you should see to it that the place where you keep this table is dry.

  • Ease of Assembly and Ease of Storage

The JOOLA Inside is pretty much easy to assemble. Its manufacturer estimates that you can set it up within 20 minutes out-of-the-box for it is 95% preassembled. Some, however, find it difficult to set up and reported that it took them an hour to set it up. The step-by-step procedure for setting it up is quite easy to follow.

With regards to ease of storage, since the JOOLA Inside comes in two halves, you can easily stack it away and it doesn’t take much space when stored.

  • Affordability

One great come-on of JOOLA Inside is its price, for you can get it in Amazon. It is affordable considering that it is a tournament-grade table. Other tournament-grade tables may perch at $1,000.

  • Dimensions

As a competition-grade table tennis table, the JOOLA Inside has the following dimensions: 108 x 60 x 30 inches. It also weighs around 189 pounds.

  • Warranty

The JOOLA Inside comes with a 1-year warranty.

Pros and Cons


  • There are many upsides to buying this ping-pong table. First, it is easy to set up and will take you a minimum of 20 minutes to assemble it.
  • It appears to be durable.
  • It has a dual safety locking system for great safety.
  • It is lightweight at 137 pounds.
  • It is also less expensive and very affordable.


  • Its table top is not a solid 1-inch thick as some high-grade tournament tables.
  • It has problems with stability because it lacks stand adjustment capabilities.
  • Its steel component is susceptible to rusting when stored in a place with high humidity.


As mentioned above, the goal of this JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table Review is to provide consumers an unbiased and informative review of this table tennis table. The upsides on buying this table are great as compared to the downsides. Of course, there are many other tables that are better than the JOOLA Inside and if you are willing to shell out some more money, you can surely find a bouncier and better table than this one.

The JOOLA Inside is definitely designed for beginners and for those who would like to learn the rudiments of table. It is not the best table for those who are vying to become topnotch professional ping-pong players. Yet, it would surely serve its purpose of providing a ping-pong table that you could readily use indoor.

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