Harvard G03509W Action Arena 7-Foot Air Hockey Table Reviews

There are a few Harvard Air Hockey table models available on the market today, and one worth-reviewing model is that of the Harvard G03509W Action Arena 7-Foot Air Hockey Table. We deemed it proper to evaluate the salient features of Harvard G03509W to allow consumers to figure out if it is worth shelling out their hard-earned money. We also tried to know more about the dozens of Harvard Air Hockey Table Reviews online to learn what the end-users of Harvard G03509W have to say about this product.

Harvard Air Hockey Table Reviews

The Harvard G03509W Action Arena 7-Foot Air Hockey Table is distributed by Escalade, a corporation known for manufacturing and distributing quality sporting goods. As a company, it is known for distributing widely recognized sporting brands. But does Harvard G03509W Action Arena 7-Foot Air Hockey Table live up to consumers’ expectations? We set out to answer this question in this review.

Salient Features of Harvard G03509W Action Arena 7-Foot Air Hockey Table

Some of the air hockey tables rolled out by Escalade include the following: Harvard Action Arena Air Hockey Table; the Harvard Arctic Ice Air Hockey Table; The Harvard Pool Table Air Hockey Combo; and the Harvard G03509W Action Arena 7-Foot Air Hockey Table, Classic Sport Ice Time ii 84 Air Hockey Table . But one of the most popular Harvard Air Hockey tables is the Harvard G03509W Action Arena 7-Foot Air Hockey Table. In this review, we tried to give an unbiased evaluation of the Harvard G03509W, using the following criteria of design, durability, dimensions and weight, affordability, ease of assembly, and warranty.

  • Design

The Harvard G03509W is a mid-sized air hockey table, designed for four players. It features a PVC laminated top equipped with 110V motor for fast-play action. It also comes with leg levelers that ensure stability for the table. Its legs are reinforced. It also comes with four pucks and four strikers. Moreover, it comes with a patented electronic scorer that you could easily view while playing.

The rails of Harvard G03509W are 3-inch wide by 1 to 2 inch high. Its rails also provide solid rebounds. It also features a 1-inch heavy duty cabinet construction. Lastly, it comes with a removable net goal. 

  • Durability

The best way to figure out the durability of an air hockey table is to use it for several years. Based on the Harvard Air Hockey Table Reviews of end-users, we can readily tell that many buyers of this model enjoyed the use of this table. One user, however, remarked that the plastic near the goals chipped off after three days of use. This might be an isolated case; yet, the user has a point when he said that “a game meant to be for tough banking of puck should not have sides that readily chip after several days of use.”

  • Dimensions and Weight

The Harvard G03509W, as mid-sized table, has the following dimensions: 84″ L x 44″ W x 33″ H. It is pretty much as big as the Brunswick V-Force and the Sportcraft Turbo Air. And just like the V-Force and Turbo Air, it doesn’t take much space. It is, however, a bit lighter at 135 pounds.

  • Affordability

This table is pretty much affordable as compared to the Brunswick V-Force. It is priced at around $600 or more, while the Brunswick V-Force is around $1,300. However, it is more expensive than the Sportcraft Turbo Air. Furthermore, its price is within the lower bracket of the price range of air hockey tables.

  • Ease of Assembly

We (four in total) tried to set up this air hockey table out-of-the-box. We were able to set it up within 45 minutes. We think that this table is quite easy to set up. The only problem that you may encounter is when some holes are slightly off. But overall, the table is quite easy to set up.

  • Warranty

Most Harvard Air Hockey Tables come with a 90-day warranty. Hence, the Harvard G03509W Action Arena 7-Foot Air Hockey Table also comes with a 90-day warranty.

Pros and Cons of the Harvard G03509W Action Arena 7-Foot Air Hockey Table

Based on the reviews of current users of Harvard G03509W, plus our own personal evaluation of this model, we have come up with the obvious pros and cons of this table:


  • The Harvard G03509W is very affordable, and if you simply want to learn the rudiments and enjoy playing air hockey, this item is surely a good buy.
  • It is lightweight though of the same dimensions as the more expensive Brunswick V-Force.
  • It is easy to assemble in just around 45 minutes.
  • It comes with all the needed accessories.


  • The plastic near the goals appears to be susceptible of chipping off.
  • Moreover, when setting up, some holes for the knots seem to be off-the-mark and not perfectly aligned.


Based on the available Harvard Air Hockey Table Reviews online and our own actual evaluation, our take on this item is pretty much on the positive side. You usually get what you pay for when you buy something. Similarly, in the case of Harvard G03509W, you surely get what you pay for.

Saved for some “cons” observed by end-users, this table seems to be a good buy. It readily provides you with the needed air hockey playing table at an affordable price. Its price is its greatest catch. But if you’re a competitive player, you would surely need a better table that offers superior bounce and speed, something that is according to the commercial-grade USAA-sanctioned home models.

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