Which Table Tennis Paddle Is Good For Intermediate Player?


Once you’ve become an intermediate player, you are usually encouraged to find better paddles. However, most are ignorant of what type of racket they should look. There are almost unlimited options to choose from in any sporting goods. They have different categories and things most players consider, the spin, speed, and control. And you also need to consider the amount of thickness and its rubber, the handle shape, and the speed of the blade.

The task of acquiring a new racket seems to be boring you may say, but if you find the proper one, then it’s going to be a lot of fun. Just relax and go through this post and will give you tips and advice why THE KILLERSPIN JET600 is the best one to select when looking for your new paddle.


A lot of beginner players stick with a basic paddle. They usually have a lot of control, but they lack the speed and spin. THE KILLERSPIN JET600 is a bit faster and generates more spin than the other rackets out there and easier to maintain its good control.

What I’m trying to imply is that you should not just get one just because a paddle has more control,  super-spinny and super fast. You should find the perfect balance, a paddle that is neither too fast nor too slow. THE KILLERSPIN JET600 is one that is just a bit faster than your beginner racket and a bit slower than the advanced racket — the PERFECT BALANCE.


The Killerspin JET600 paddle is aimed at club-level competitive players.  It actually has a lot of decent reviews on Amazon – so meaning, it’s one of the best ones available out there.

It has 2.0mm Killerspin Nitrx-4Z Rubbers, and it’s one of the features on the Killerspin.

The paddle offers two 2.0mm ITTF approved Killerspin Nitrx-4Z Rubbers. Meaning you could use the racket even in tournaments or leagues. This paddle is good for you if you are aspiring to become a competitive table tennis layer. One of its features as well is it has a 5-plywood blade. It is of a much higher quality than any of the products available and previous Killerspin blades.

The Palio Legend 2

But there are other options as well. If you’re looking to buy Killerspin JET600 and can’t afford one, then I would recommend the Palio Legend 2 instead. It is way more cheaper than the Killerspin, and it is also one the superior racket available in the market. The Palio Hadou rubbers used on the Legend 2 are of a much higher quality than the Killerspin ones. The blade is also much better quality than the other products, and more similar to the professional blades available out there. If you were to compare the Killerspin JET600 to the Palio Legend 2 side-by-side you would immediately be able to notice the difference between the two rackets. The Palio Legend 2 give the best feel to an intermediate player and a lot better to play with.

You can check these rackets online:

You can buy the Killerspin JET600 from Amazon.com.

Amazon.com: The JET600 is $70 – which is a lot of money.

Amazon.co.uk: The JET600 is £70.

Megaspin.net: The JET600 is $90.

Or why not check out our favorite table tennis rackets, the Palio Expert 2, Master 2 and Legend 2!

Palio Expert 2: The best bat for beginners. Only £29.99 (Amazon.co.uk) or $39.99 (Amazon.com)

Palio Master 2: The best allrounder. Only £34.99 (Amazon.co.uk) or $49.99 (Amazon.com)

Palio Legend 2: The most powerful bat. Only £39.99 (Amazon.co.uk) or $59.99 (Amazon.com)

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