Top 6 Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table Reviews 2019 & Buying Guide

There are so many specific details when it comes to picking the perfect product. When it comes to choosing the best outdoor ping pong table, it really isn’t any different.

Even though it’s for a leisure cause, it’s still quite an investment. Picking the perfect ping pong table can be a highly investing purchase—for you and your family. You’ll want to pick the product not only best suited for your situation and your budget but also one that will last.

However, with all the details to choose from—the specific surface, the supported design, the special features—it can all get pretty confusing. Instead of enjoying an easily sought out outdoor ping pong table, going back and forth between products may take up all your time.

In our guide, we’ve not only sorted out the best outdoor ping pong table for your money, we’ve stocked this guide with reviews on various top products for 2019 and covered your most FAQs.

Reviews of Outdoor Ping Pong Table 2019

After reviewing all the different ping pong tables out there, we’ve narrowed down the top brands to a select few. We know that the number of outdoor ping pong tables out there is overwhelming and narrowing down your choices to a select few can be a confusing experience.

Here are top 6 best outdoor ping pong table on the market today

JOOLA NOVA Outdoor Table Tennis Table

BEST Outdoor Ping Pong Table

With an aluminum composite table top, the bounce might not be the highest quality but it is definitely built to last. It is designed to withstand heat and humidity, as well as other weather conditions, like rain, snow, and wind. I

It is designed with a sturdy undercarriage made from a 40 mm PVC apron that helps eliminate or at least diminish the risk of warping as much as possible. With its 2-inch gauge-welded steel legs, you can easily play outside without fear of breaking or bending. It also comes with a leveler, which means you can even take it out on the grass, level it quickly out and then play on. The table’s legs also come with four wheels that are rust-proof and designed to carry the 120 lb table without an issue. The net is re-adjustable and clamps the entire 2-piece table set together.

The Joola Nova Outdoor table tennis table is a great purchase if you’re on a budget and looking for something not only that will withstand weather but will also last you and your family a few years of good, quality ping pong playing time. So, if you’re looking for the best value outdoor table, this choice is definitely for you. Budgeted well but designed sturdy, this table is a great choice for a beginner level player who doesn’t want to dish out the money for a high-quality, professional table.

Stiga XTR outdoor table tennis table

As an outdoor table that can withstand weather elements, this ping pong table is designed with an aluminum composite table top.

Not only can it take the heat and the different weather, it can also roll around as you please, with quarter-inch steel legs with wheels attached to them—brakes included.

With this table tennis table, you also don’t have to wait for friends to play or practice. You can easily play on your own with its playback feature. Being able to fold up, as well, means that you can store it away with ease. 

Even though the material of the table top doesn’t come with the best bounce, it is still a great price for the quality. The legs, however, keep the table stable—with a leveler that makes it extremely convenient and easy to play on top of any uneven surface, like grass or sand.

The net on this table is also of high-quality—and for the price, that means it’s really a steal! This net system is 72 inches long and designed with outdoor grade material that is made to weather all kinds of storms. It also features a threaded clamp attachment system which can have you clamping it on and off really easily. The net is also adjustable so you can tighten or loosen it as you please.

If you are looking for a bargain but high-quality table, the Stage XTR Outdoor Table is a great investment. Even though you can invest more in a table that has the same quality as a professional, indoor table, this product still will get the job done!

Summary: The Stiga XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table is a perfect ping pong table built for the great outdoors. This affordable outdoor table is the perfect fit for you if you are looking for a product that will last for years, no matter what type of weather is out there. Your family can experience fun for a long time, whether by the pool or out in the backyard.

The product offers great value for your money.

Kettler Champ 5.0 Outdoor Table Tennis Table

For an extremely high, indoor-quality play with outdoor features, the Kettler Champ 5.0 is a great buy for you. Although it runs a bit pricey, this ping pong table is a great outdoor choice for serious players who demand quality.

The top of the table is designed with a weatherproof aluminum composite top. Unlike cheaper products in this category, it gives off a realistic bounce. A great additional feature is not just what’s on top of the table, it’s also what is underneath. There is a climate control feature that keeps the table from cracking or warping because of the outside weather.

The top of the table is also placed with a topcoat finish that is then resistant to scratches, fading, and the harmful UV rays. With this table, you can feel assured that your purchase will last you years—no matter what weather comes your way.

The Kettler Champ takes only about an hour and a half to assemble, which might seem like a flaw. But it can be easily folded up and stored when not in use. With the 6-inch swiveling transport wheels, you won’t have to apply to much strength to move it into storage.

With this outdoor table, you’ll be getting a sturdy frame, a weatherproof top, levelers for the legs, which make it playable on any surface, a safety lock system to make folding up and out a breeze, and compact storage so it doesn’t take up much space when not in use.

Summary: As a German made brand, this outdoor table is high in quality and comes with a history of excellent reputation. The brand makes the largest variety of outdoor table tennis tables, however, the Kettler Champ 5.0 is one of their best upgrades and products known to date.

Whether you want to train solo or play a singles or doubles match, this table tennis table is a perfect addition to any barbecue with family or friends in an outdoor setting.

Cornilleau Table Tennis Outdoor: best indoor outdoor table tennis table

From its weatherproof design to easy storage, the Cornilleau outdoor table is the best indoor and outdoor table tennis table. As one of the top choices for outdoor use, the design is durable enough for rainy, snowy, and icy areas. You can leave your table tennis table outside, no matter what the weather is like without giving it a second thought.

The table is also designed with easy storage in mind. It is constructed with smoothly moving wheels on the bottom so you can not only wheel it around your backyard or patio, you can move it into storage with ease. It also has a folding top, which makes it extremely compact, not taking up any space as its stored away. Since the table top is also flexible, this also allows for solo play, folding up for practicing on your own.

The wheels are designed to be able to roll over any surface. They have featured grooves on them so they won’t get caught on easy snags on the ground. They are also rather large, making pushing minimal effort.

Your table tennis experience is not only made with the table itself but the people playing it. This means that having a table tennis table that is highly adjustable for any of your friends or family members is a huge benefit. Since this table has adjustable legs, you can raise or lower the table to whatever height you may need.

The net is also adjustable to accommodate to whatever height the players are.

Summary: Whether you are playing indoor or outdoor, this is a great table tennis table for you. Since it is durable enough to stick it out no matter what the weather is and is completely compact enough to fold up and store inside, it is a great choice no matter what your needs are.

Highly mobile, the Cornilleau table tennis outdoor table is on of the best indoor/outdoor ping pong tables on the market today.

JOOLA Outdoor Aluminum Table Tennis Table

As a competition-regulated sized table, the JOOLA Outdoor Aluminum table is a great setup for your outdoor space. Joola is definitely a brand that can be trusted, as the official table brand of the US Open and the US National Championships.

This table is designed to withstand all kinds of weather. With a thickness of 6 mm, the aluminum plastic composite surface is highly protected. Especially since it is an outdoor table, this is an important feature because you want your table to remain in good condition throughout the years and the weather. It is resistant to warping and chipping from the heat and other exterior factors.

The undercarriage of the table is 30 mm by 30 mm and is rust-resistant. This also adds to the weather-protection that the table provides. The net is also weatherproof.

The assembly time of this table is what really sets it apart from the rest. If you are looking for a no hassle, quick set up and play ping pong table, this one is the perfect product. It can be set up in just 15 minutes. The net is assembled with a classic screw clamp design.

The Joola Table also comes with 3-inch heavy-duty wheels that can roll on over any surface that you may found outside for you to be able to move it around with ease and play where you want! You can also easily store the table. It splits down the middle and stores compactly on its 4-wheel trolley, which makes it easier to bring back out, as well.

Summary: The Joola Outdoor Aluminum Table Tennis Table is a high-quality ping pong table that is versatile enough to be used indoors or outdoors. With its design, it can easily withstand most weather conditions with its resistant to warning and chipping.

The table folds up easily and also is highly portable and compacted to quickly store away. Perfect for any level playing surface and a great addition to your community playground or backyard, the Joola table is a great fit for any family.

Harvil Outsider Table Tennis Table

For an outdoor, weather-proof choice, this simple setup table is designed with an aluminum tabletop. Able to withstand even the strongest of weathers, Harvil has designed a great ping pong table for even the most professional of players.

With a sturdy, easy-to-lock and unlock set of wheels, the Harvil table is virtually portable to roll around just about anywhere. It can also be folded for playback on your own and folded all the way for keeping it compact in storage.

The assembly and setup of the outdoor table is extremely straightforward and can be done quite easily—even with just one person. All you have to do is attach the four legs and a net.

The Harvil table is a great table to keep outside by the pool and play when the family is gathered in the backyard. Even though it is a bit on the heavier side, weighing in at 150 lbs, you can rest assured that not only the wheels will do the heavy lifting for you but also it was built to last. The durability of this table is unmatched, also with a powder-coated steel frame.

If you are looking to invest in a table that will keep the entire family entertained for years to come, this table is a great choice. It also comes with a warranty—even for different parts of the table. That means that no matter what happens, you’re going to be covered.

Summary: If you don’t have enough space indoors and want to enjoy a great game of ping pong outside, the Harvil Outsider Table Tennis Table is a durable table made of aluminum and steel that can withstand the most unpredictable of weather.

Not only is it ideal to keep out in your backyard, you can easily transport it with locking wheels and fold it in half to store away if you need the extra space.

Outdoor vs. Indoor Ping Pong Table: Basic Differences

If you’re new to the ping pong world and were going to choose your product simply based on price, you might want to think again. There are several differences that set outdoor tables apart from indoor ones.

Not only do you have to choose between outdoor and indoor,  you’ll want an easy-to-clean table. You’ll also want to be able to have a foldable outdoor table to easily store away when bad weather hits. You’ll also need to decide which is best for your area and situation between wood and metal.

Indoor Tables: Normally, these tables are a bit more affordable than the outdoor tables because they don’t need to be weatherproofed. However, you need to be extremely careful about allowing them to be situated in direct sunlight and keeping them completely dry.

An indoor table needs to be kept inside an insulated bending because the top can ultimately be warped from weather and change of temperature. If you think that a table tennis cover will save your indoor table tennis table while being set outdoors, you’re wrong!

However, indoor tables are much higher quality than outdoor ones—especially when it comes to bounce. Indoor tables have high-quality tops at a professional level for the same price, if not cheaper than most outdoor tables.

Outdoor Tables: These tables are specifically designed to last outside, no matter what weather conditions are out there. They can survive extreme heat, sunshine, rain, snow, and frost. However, you’ll want to make sure with the manufacturer if that’s actually the case.

An advantage to having an outdoor table is being flexible with usage—it can be used indoors and outdoors. Even if you want to put the table tennis table in a garage, you’ll be better off choosing an outdoor one because of the extreme heat or extreme cold in a garage.

Unfortunately, outdoor tables don’t perform as well as top end indoor competition table but comes with better flexibility for storage and being able to use it inside and outside.

How to Choosing an Best Outdoor Table Tennis Table?

From the table top surfaces to the various dimensions, there are certain factors that you need to account for when choosing an outdoor table. A huge factor is that it also needs to be waterproof, especially if you live in a place where it rains often! The last thing you would want after investing money is for the table to go bad because of the weather.

Here are some other factors and tips to help you choose an outdoor table:

Outdoor Features: First and foremost, your ping pong table needs to be weatherproof. This includes being waterproof and rustproof. Normally, these tables are designed with metal, wood with a waterproof coating, or a synthetic laminate. These materials make it waterproof.

Dimensions: Normally, the standard ping pong table is going to be 9 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 2.5 feet high. The net of the table will be 6 feet long and 6 inches high. Before you have the table delivered to your house or constructed in your game room, you’ll want to know how big of a space you’ll need to play comfortably. For recreation play, you’ll need to have a room or space of at least 28 feet by 13 feet. If you are looking to run a local league, you’ll need a space of 30 feet by 16.5 feet.

Portability: Especially when a hurricane comes around or your entertaining guests and need to put your ping pong table away, you’ll want to know how portable it is in the first place. You’ll want a table that’s easy to set up and easy to “tear down.” The word you should be looking for here is “fold-up.” These fold-up tables can even be set up and taken down by one person and normally come with wheels to move around. The highest quality of tables even have brakes on the wheels so things don’t get out of hand!

Leg Levelers: This is an extra feature on a ping pong table that you can get if you’re planning on playing outside where perhaps the surface isn’t very leveled. It can be screwed in and out of the table to measure the perfect height out for playing.

Lastly, make sure that your outdoor table tennis table is indeed designed for the outdoors. The indoor tables can get pretty damaged and easily warped by outside conditions. Even though you’ll have to pay a bit more for higher quality when it comes to outdoor ping pong tables in comparison to its indoor counterparts, investing a little more will go a long way.

FAQs About Outdoor Ping Pong Table

We know that purchasing a table tennis table might be quite a big investment. We also know that choosing the right one for your situation can be an overwhelming experience.

That’s why we’ve placed together your most frequently asked questions. If you are caught in between choosing the best outdoor ping pong table for your situation, then these questions can definitely help you work through your most pressing questions.

Q. Do I Need A Cover?

  • Although some cheap covers won’t protect your table from any sort of damage, the higher quality ones will. A tarp-like cover can protect your ping pong table from the sun, wind, rain, outside dirt, and even animals and their droppings. Even if you are folding your foldable outdoor ping pong table for storage, its playing surface is still exposed. It can get easily damaged and even scraped up by the wall or anything else.
  • A good cover should be heavy duty and waterproof. You’ll want to be able to protect your table from precipitation, animal droppings, lawn tools, and even toys flying around.

Q. Buy a used ping pong table: should or not?

  • You can always choose the more affordable way and purchase an already-used outdoor ping pong table. However, you’ll want to make sure that the table is leveled or at least has an additional leveling feature and doesn’t have any missing parts.
  • You’ll want to inspect the net for tears or defects. It can easily be replaced and is quite affordable, as well. If you are purchasing a used outdoor table that is foldable, ask the previous owner to show how it folds and breaks down. If they can’t do it properly and breaking it down is an important factor for you—then this might be a make-or-break feature.

Q. DIY Outdoor Ping Pong Table: What Are The Pros vs. Cons?

  • Even though you might think that you are saving a bunch of money by making a DIY ping pong table, you might not be making the best decision. With all the extra features that should come with an outdoor, portable ping pong table, it might not be worth all the extra work. You’ll need to weatherproof it, use the proper material, possibly make a concrete table or use plywood.
  • If you are still considering it, here are some pros and cons on the matter:

Pros: Self-Satisfaction, saving money in the cost of raw materials in comparison to a completed table.

Cons: Possibly messing it up, having difficulty finding the material, getting the perfect table tennis bounce finish, difficulty in even paint job, time spent.

 Q. Where should I buy an outdoor table?

  • There are so many different sources of where you can get the best outdoor table. Of course, the quality level of the table tennis table you need will highly affect your choices of places. For example, if you simply want one for recreational use, you can get away with purchasing one at Walmart, Sears or Costco for its low prices or Amazon without even seeing it first.
  • However, if you are looking for a highly professional, high-quality table, you might want to consider heading to Craigslist online and dealing with people who really know their ping pong tables. Dick’s Sporting Goods is also another great option since their business is specifically tailored to sports and will know which is best for your situation and budget.

Q. Which are the Best Ping Pong Table Brands?

Depending on your budget and the quality you want, you can get away with purchasing some no-name brands that will cover what you need for your level and situation. However, if you’re looking for the best of the best, the brands that are highly sought out for outdoor ping pong tables are:

  • Kettler Axos 1
  • Harvil Outsider
  • Stiga Vapor
  • Butterfly Rollaway
  • Joola Nova
  • Killerspin BalckStorm
  • Cornileau Crossover

There are of course plenty of other brands out there that can get the job done and are of high quality but these are our top-rated brands.

Q. Where can I get ping pong table replacement parts?

  • Normally, you’ll have to look out for the specific brand of table that you’ve originally purchased to find extra parts for replacement. This might be a great factor to think about before you’ve even made the original purchase of the table. Selecting a ping pong table brand with not only a good reputation but availability in major stores around the country can definitely help you in the long run.
  • Even if you spend a little bit more money in the beginning, you’ll be matched with customer service and available parts for the whole lifespan of your table. 


If you’re looking for the best outdoor ping pong table, you don’t have to look much further than this guide. With all the special features explained, our top outdoor tables on the market given out and so many more tips and helpful hints inside our guide, we hope that this article can help you make the perfect ping pong purchase.

Maybe you are looking for an outdoor table to withstand the weather because you live in an extremely snowy area. Perhaps you are looking for an outdoor table which the whole family can play with an adjustable height. Maybe you just want an outdoor ping pong table that can be stored away quickly and quietly, giving you your backyard and all that patio space back when you’re not playing.

Whatever your preferences may be, there’s an outdoor ping pong table that can meet your standards. We hope that this guide has helped narrow down a few of the best brands and products for you. We also hope that it has made the entire buying process much easier. We wish you the best of luck in finding the best outdoor ping pong table for you and your family.

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