Which Table Tennis Paddle Is Good For Intermediate Player?


Once you’ve become an intermediate player, you are usually encouraged to find better paddles. However, most are ignorant of what type of racket they should look. There are almost unlimited options to choose from in any sporting goods. They have different categories and things most players consider, the spin, speed, and control. And you also need to consider the amount of thickness and its rubber, the handle shape, and the speed of the blade.

The task of acquiring a new racket seems to be boring you may say, but if you find the proper one, then it’s going to be a lot of fun. Just relax and go through this post and will give you tips and advice why THE KILLERSPIN JET600 is the best one to select when looking for your new paddle.


A lot of beginner players stick with a basic paddle. They usually have a lot of control, but they lack the speed and spin. THE KILLERSPIN JET600 is a bit faster and generates more spin than the other rackets out there and easier to maintain its good control.

What I’m trying to imply is that you should not just get one just because a paddle has more control,  super-spinny and super fast. You should find the perfect balance, a paddle that is neither too fast nor too slow. THE KILLERSPIN JET600 is one that is just a bit faster than your beginner racket and a bit slower than the advanced racket — the PERFECT BALANCE.


The Killerspin JET600 paddle is aimed at club-level competitive players.  It actually has a lot of decent reviews on Amazon – so meaning, it’s one of the best ones available out there.

It has 2.0mm Killerspin Nitrx-4Z Rubbers, and it’s one of the features on the Killerspin.

The paddle offers two 2.0mm ITTF approved Killerspin Nitrx-4Z Rubbers. Meaning you could use the racket even in tournaments or leagues. This paddle is good for you if you are aspiring to become a competitive table tennis layer. One of its features as well is it has a 5-plywood blade. It is of a much higher quality than any of the products available and previous Killerspin blades.

The Palio Legend 2

But there are other options as well. If you’re looking to buy Killerspin JET600 and can’t afford one, then I would recommend the Palio Legend 2 instead. It is way more cheaper than the Killerspin, and it is also one the superior racket available in the market. The Palio Hadou rubbers used on the Legend 2 are of a much higher quality than the Killerspin ones. The blade is also much better quality than the other products, and more similar to the professional blades available out there. If you were to compare the Killerspin JET600 to the Palio Legend 2 side-by-side you would immediately be able to notice the difference between the two rackets. The Palio Legend 2 give the best feel to an intermediate player and a lot better to play with.

You can check these rackets online:

You can buy the Killerspin JET600 from Amazon.com.

Amazon.com: The JET600 is $70 – which is a lot of money.

Amazon.co.uk: The JET600 is £70.

Megaspin.net: The JET600 is $90.

Or why not check out our favorite table tennis rackets, the Palio Expert 2, Master 2 and Legend 2!

Palio Expert 2: The best bat for beginners. Only £29.99 (Amazon.co.uk) or $39.99 (Amazon.com)

Palio Master 2: The best allrounder. Only £34.99 (Amazon.co.uk) or $49.99 (Amazon.com)

Palio Legend 2: The most powerful bat. Only £39.99 (Amazon.co.uk) or $59.99 (Amazon.com)

Tips On Buying A Ping Pong Dining Table

Table tennis tables can vary at different prices. Many people are always looking for the cheapest one they can find. After all, as long as it’s a full-size table, they are simply the same as the overpriced tables.

Unfortunately, there’s no truth into this. As the old saying says, “you get what you pay for,” so look for the best one, it’s worth shopping and doing a little research.

Alongside the quality of the table, you also have a few different types of tables – some are easier to move, easy to carry and to fold, and of course, to store. But it depends on how you plan on using the table. There are a few things you need to consider which are the best ping pong dining table, and what is best for you.

Table Thickness

The thickness of the playing surface is the most important aspect you’re looking for a table tennis table. The cheapest ones usually have a 12mm top, while the expensive ones are between 25mm to 28mm.

A thick table top will perform better and give you a well-balanced bounce. A thin surface will make an annoying sound, and the ball might bounce very low, and your gameplay will be much slower.

If you are looking for the best “thickness,” then I suggest a minimum of 19mm (ideally 22mm). The difference is hard to identify between a 22mm table and a 25mm table, so unless you need it to be 25mm then getting a 22mm one is advisable as well as you will pay less than the 25mm.

If you are looking for table tennis to use for recreational purposes only, then a 12mm or 15/16mm table will do you good. It will do the job for you to allow you to enjoy the sport. So if you’re getting a 12mm or 15/16mm table, don’t compare it to a competition or table tennis clubs because there’s a HUGE difference.

22mm table tennis table can cost somehow affordable if you’re on a tight budget. If you are paying for a 22mm table a lot of money, then the chance there is you’re being ripped off. Shop around, do your research, and asked for advice to see what else you can find. You should be able to find the good table if you’re budgeting. There’s no need to pay more unless you want the best of the best.

Folding Mechanism/Storage

Well, if you have found your table thickness and what’s right for you, then it’s to consider the type of table you’ll need. There are different types, but I will be modeling you here the Butterfly models to make it easier for you to understand and to look up.

1. Butterfly Europa

A simple table tennis table. Two halves with legs and foldable and it has wheels attached to the inside edge of each half. Europa is great and surely a quality table that usually doesn’t break because there’s nothing to break anyway.

2. Butterfly Centrefold

A one-piece table, its two halves are attached at the middle with a mechanism that allows you to pull or push the table up or down. A very simple type of table and easy to set-up, and it’s also pretty much easier to move. The only problem is if it breaks, fixing it can be expensive. Also, sometimes the issues with the height level of the table can be bothersome due to issues with the up and down mechanism.

3. Butterfly Easifold

A good table that compromises between the Europa and the Centrefold. It comes in two halves and without any issues regarding its mechanisms. It can also be moved around without any hassle even just by one person because it has a base and four wheels per table half. You can find all kinds around as they have become the most popular one in recent years, and it’s pretty much advisable.

So, these are the three types to consider when looking for tables. And most sporting good stores will offer these kinds of tables with all of these options.  Can’t go wrong with Butterfly, and it is your best chance for getting a quality table, because of their popularity.

IMHO, if you’re looking for a very simple one and durable, I suggest you get the Europa-style table. It can LAST for 40-50 years old and can still go strong. THERE’S NOTHING LITERALLY TO BREAK. It’s very easy to assemble, and easy to move around and to store away as well.

Hope you liked my tips on buying a table tennis table. I pretty much covered almost everything without overloading information for you to easily understand.

If you invest in a good table you won’t want to stop!!! Table Tennis is the best game ever! 

So good luck and I hope you find what you’re looking for!

what are the facilities and equipment in table tennis

So, you’ve decided that ping-pong is the game for you, right? That’s a wise decision. Now, there are things you need to know to be successful in the game.

Here is a list of the essential things you need to consider when playing the table tennis game.


Although you can always borrow bats from other players but, it’s best to have your own table tennis paddle.

The paddle or racket is made up of a wooden blade which can be of any shape, size, or weight, but it must be rigid and flat.

A sandwich rubber or ordinary pimpled rubber with colors of red and black is glued to the sides of the blade that will be used to hit the ball.

Smooth rubber is commonly used nowadays and it gives the most spin and speed when hitting the ball. However, certain players still prefer pimples-out sandwich rubber due to its good speed and control for spin.

Ordinary pimpled rubber does not have speed and spin but some players prefer it due to its greater control.


Ping-pong balls are sold in many sport stores or you can purchase from table tennis dealers. They are made of celluloid with a diameter of 40mm and 38mm, although the 38mm diameter ball is not in use anymore.

Table tennis balls are rated according to a 3-star system by its manufacturers. The 0 and 1-star balls are of a very low quality, cheap and acceptable for training purposes.

2-star balls are also not considered good enough for serious competitions and they are rarely seen or used.

3-star balls are the best quality balls used in competitions. They are balanced with good roundness but a bit more expensive compared to others, and they don’t last longer either.

The 3-star premium balls made by manufacturers such as Stiga and Nittaku, are the highest quality balls. Whether it is another marketing strategy, but what I know is that, I can differentiate between a 3-star and a 3-star premium ball.

Don’t bother about purchasing the 3-star or the 3-star premium balls because they are too expensive, instead, you can go for a 0 or 1-star ball from a reputable manufacturer such as Stiga or Butterfly, and these will do perfectly well.

Table Tennis Table

If you want to purchase your own ping-pong table for use at home, there are factors you must consider. But at the moment, choose a full-sized table rather than a mini or compact table.

Also, you must leave enough space of let’s say 2 or 3 meters on each side of the table to move around, spin, and swing, to avoid developing bad habits such as using cramped strokes or playing too close to the table.


You can purchase good quality nets without breaking the bank. I would recommend using a net that has screw-on clamps to attach each side to the table-top, although spring clamps can also be used but they should be firmly gripped to the table-top.

Ensure that the net can be tightened on each side, usually by a cord running through the top of the net and the tightening system will hold the cord firmly without slipping to avoid the net loosening.

Another thing to watch out for is the net height which should be 15-25cm high. Avoid playing on a table with a lower or higher net if you are planning to be a professional table tennis player.

Finally, once everything has been put in place, you need an opponent. Your opponent may be a family member, friend, or co-worker. You can also find fellow ping-pong lovers in clubs to give you coaching and access to competitions.

Remember, to play a game of table tennis, it takes at least two people. So, always give your opponent a sincere “thank you” and a firm handshake for each match played, because without an opponent, you won’t enjoy the game, would you?

Top 6 Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table Reviews 2019 & Buying Guide

There are so many specific details when it comes to picking the perfect product. When it comes to choosing the best outdoor ping pong table, it really isn’t any different.

Even though it’s for a leisure cause, it’s still quite an investment. Picking the perfect ping pong table can be a highly investing purchase—for you and your family. You’ll want to pick the product not only best suited for your situation and your budget but also one that will last.

However, with all the details to choose from—the specific surface, the supported design, the special features—it can all get pretty confusing. Instead of enjoying an easily sought out outdoor ping pong table, going back and forth between products may take up all your time.

In our guide, we’ve not only sorted out the best outdoor ping pong table for your money, we’ve stocked this guide with reviews on various top products for 2019 and covered your most FAQs.

Reviews of Outdoor Ping Pong Table 2019

After reviewing all the different ping pong tables out there, we’ve narrowed down the top brands to a select few. We know that the number of outdoor ping pong tables out there is overwhelming and narrowing down your choices to a select few can be a confusing experience.

Here are top 6 best outdoor ping pong table on the market today

JOOLA NOVA Outdoor Table Tennis Table

BEST Outdoor Ping Pong Table

With an aluminum composite table top, the bounce might not be the highest quality but it is definitely built to last. It is designed to withstand heat and humidity, as well as other weather conditions, like rain, snow, and wind. I

It is designed with a sturdy undercarriage made from a 40 mm PVC apron that helps eliminate or at least diminish the risk of warping as much as possible. With its 2-inch gauge-welded steel legs, you can easily play outside without fear of breaking or bending. It also comes with a leveler, which means you can even take it out on the grass, level it quickly out and then play on. The table’s legs also come with four wheels that are rust-proof and designed to carry the 120 lb table without an issue. The net is re-adjustable and clamps the entire 2-piece table set together.

The Joola Nova Outdoor table tennis table is a great purchase if you’re on a budget and looking for something not only that will withstand weather but will also last you and your family a few years of good, quality ping pong playing time. So, if you’re looking for the best value outdoor table, this choice is definitely for you. Budgeted well but designed sturdy, this table is a great choice for a beginner level player who doesn’t want to dish out the money for a high-quality, professional table.

Stiga XTR outdoor table tennis table

As an outdoor table that can withstand weather elements, this ping pong table is designed with an aluminum composite table top.

Not only can it take the heat and the different weather, it can also roll around as you please, with quarter-inch steel legs with wheels attached to them—brakes included.

With this table tennis table, you also don’t have to wait for friends to play or practice. You can easily play on your own with its playback feature. Being able to fold up, as well, means that you can store it away with ease. 

Even though the material of the table top doesn’t come with the best bounce, it is still a great price for the quality. The legs, however, keep the table stable—with a leveler that makes it extremely convenient and easy to play on top of any uneven surface, like grass or sand.

The net on this table is also of high-quality—and for the price, that means it’s really a steal! This net system is 72 inches long and designed with outdoor grade material that is made to weather all kinds of storms. It also features a threaded clamp attachment system which can have you clamping it on and off really easily. The net is also adjustable so you can tighten or loosen it as you please.

If you are looking for a bargain but high-quality table, the Stage XTR Outdoor Table is a great investment. Even though you can invest more in a table that has the same quality as a professional, indoor table, this product still will get the job done!

Summary: The Stiga XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table is a perfect ping pong table built for the great outdoors. This affordable outdoor table is the perfect fit for you if you are looking for a product that will last for years, no matter what type of weather is out there. Your family can experience fun for a long time, whether by the pool or out in the backyard.

The product offers great value for your money.

Kettler Champ 5.0 Outdoor Table Tennis Table

For an extremely high, indoor-quality play with outdoor features, the Kettler Champ 5.0 is a great buy for you. Although it runs a bit pricey, this ping pong table is a great outdoor choice for serious players who demand quality.

The top of the table is designed with a weatherproof aluminum composite top. Unlike cheaper products in this category, it gives off a realistic bounce. A great additional feature is not just what’s on top of the table, it’s also what is underneath. There is a climate control feature that keeps the table from cracking or warping because of the outside weather.

The top of the table is also placed with a topcoat finish that is then resistant to scratches, fading, and the harmful UV rays. With this table, you can feel assured that your purchase will last you years—no matter what weather comes your way.

The Kettler Champ takes only about an hour and a half to assemble, which might seem like a flaw. But it can be easily folded up and stored when not in use. With the 6-inch swiveling transport wheels, you won’t have to apply to much strength to move it into storage.

With this outdoor table, you’ll be getting a sturdy frame, a weatherproof top, levelers for the legs, which make it playable on any surface, a safety lock system to make folding up and out a breeze, and compact storage so it doesn’t take up much space when not in use.

Summary: As a German made brand, this outdoor table is high in quality and comes with a history of excellent reputation. The brand makes the largest variety of outdoor table tennis tables, however, the Kettler Champ 5.0 is one of their best upgrades and products known to date.

Whether you want to train solo or play a singles or doubles match, this table tennis table is a perfect addition to any barbecue with family or friends in an outdoor setting.

Cornilleau Table Tennis Outdoor: best indoor outdoor table tennis table

From its weatherproof design to easy storage, the Cornilleau outdoor table is the best indoor and outdoor table tennis table. As one of the top choices for outdoor use, the design is durable enough for rainy, snowy, and icy areas. You can leave your table tennis table outside, no matter what the weather is like without giving it a second thought.

The table is also designed with easy storage in mind. It is constructed with smoothly moving wheels on the bottom so you can not only wheel it around your backyard or patio, you can move it into storage with ease. It also has a folding top, which makes it extremely compact, not taking up any space as its stored away. Since the table top is also flexible, this also allows for solo play, folding up for practicing on your own.

The wheels are designed to be able to roll over any surface. They have featured grooves on them so they won’t get caught on easy snags on the ground. They are also rather large, making pushing minimal effort.

Your table tennis experience is not only made with the table itself but the people playing it. This means that having a table tennis table that is highly adjustable for any of your friends or family members is a huge benefit. Since this table has adjustable legs, you can raise or lower the table to whatever height you may need.

The net is also adjustable to accommodate to whatever height the players are.

Summary: Whether you are playing indoor or outdoor, this is a great table tennis table for you. Since it is durable enough to stick it out no matter what the weather is and is completely compact enough to fold up and store inside, it is a great choice no matter what your needs are.

Highly mobile, the Cornilleau table tennis outdoor table is on of the best indoor/outdoor ping pong tables on the market today.

JOOLA Outdoor Aluminum Table Tennis Table

As a competition-regulated sized table, the JOOLA Outdoor Aluminum table is a great setup for your outdoor space. Joola is definitely a brand that can be trusted, as the official table brand of the US Open and the US National Championships.

This table is designed to withstand all kinds of weather. With a thickness of 6 mm, the aluminum plastic composite surface is highly protected. Especially since it is an outdoor table, this is an important feature because you want your table to remain in good condition throughout the years and the weather. It is resistant to warping and chipping from the heat and other exterior factors.

The undercarriage of the table is 30 mm by 30 mm and is rust-resistant. This also adds to the weather-protection that the table provides. The net is also weatherproof.

The assembly time of this table is what really sets it apart from the rest. If you are looking for a no hassle, quick set up and play ping pong table, this one is the perfect product. It can be set up in just 15 minutes. The net is assembled with a classic screw clamp design.

The Joola Table also comes with 3-inch heavy-duty wheels that can roll on over any surface that you may found outside for you to be able to move it around with ease and play where you want! You can also easily store the table. It splits down the middle and stores compactly on its 4-wheel trolley, which makes it easier to bring back out, as well.

Summary: The Joola Outdoor Aluminum Table Tennis Table is a high-quality ping pong table that is versatile enough to be used indoors or outdoors. With its design, it can easily withstand most weather conditions with its resistant to warning and chipping.

The table folds up easily and also is highly portable and compacted to quickly store away. Perfect for any level playing surface and a great addition to your community playground or backyard, the Joola table is a great fit for any family.

Harvil Outsider Table Tennis Table

For an outdoor, weather-proof choice, this simple setup table is designed with an aluminum tabletop. Able to withstand even the strongest of weathers, Harvil has designed a great ping pong table for even the most professional of players.

With a sturdy, easy-to-lock and unlock set of wheels, the Harvil table is virtually portable to roll around just about anywhere. It can also be folded for playback on your own and folded all the way for keeping it compact in storage.

The assembly and setup of the outdoor table is extremely straightforward and can be done quite easily—even with just one person. All you have to do is attach the four legs and a net.

The Harvil table is a great table to keep outside by the pool and play when the family is gathered in the backyard. Even though it is a bit on the heavier side, weighing in at 150 lbs, you can rest assured that not only the wheels will do the heavy lifting for you but also it was built to last. The durability of this table is unmatched, also with a powder-coated steel frame.

If you are looking to invest in a table that will keep the entire family entertained for years to come, this table is a great choice. It also comes with a warranty—even for different parts of the table. That means that no matter what happens, you’re going to be covered.

Summary: If you don’t have enough space indoors and want to enjoy a great game of ping pong outside, the Harvil Outsider Table Tennis Table is a durable table made of aluminum and steel that can withstand the most unpredictable of weather.

Not only is it ideal to keep out in your backyard, you can easily transport it with locking wheels and fold it in half to store away if you need the extra space.

Outdoor vs. Indoor Ping Pong Table: Basic Differences

If you’re new to the ping pong world and were going to choose your product simply based on price, you might want to think again. There are several differences that set outdoor tables apart from indoor ones.

Not only do you have to choose between outdoor and indoor,  you’ll want an easy-to-clean table. You’ll also want to be able to have a foldable outdoor table to easily store away when bad weather hits. You’ll also need to decide which is best for your area and situation between wood and metal.

Indoor Tables: Normally, these tables are a bit more affordable than the outdoor tables because they don’t need to be weatherproofed. However, you need to be extremely careful about allowing them to be situated in direct sunlight and keeping them completely dry.

An indoor table needs to be kept inside an insulated bending because the top can ultimately be warped from weather and change of temperature. If you think that a table tennis cover will save your indoor table tennis table while being set outdoors, you’re wrong!

However, indoor tables are much higher quality than outdoor ones—especially when it comes to bounce. Indoor tables have high-quality tops at a professional level for the same price, if not cheaper than most outdoor tables.

Outdoor Tables: These tables are specifically designed to last outside, no matter what weather conditions are out there. They can survive extreme heat, sunshine, rain, snow, and frost. However, you’ll want to make sure with the manufacturer if that’s actually the case.

An advantage to having an outdoor table is being flexible with usage—it can be used indoors and outdoors. Even if you want to put the table tennis table in a garage, you’ll be better off choosing an outdoor one because of the extreme heat or extreme cold in a garage.

Unfortunately, outdoor tables don’t perform as well as top end indoor competition table but comes with better flexibility for storage and being able to use it inside and outside.

How to Choosing an Best Outdoor Table Tennis Table?

From the table top surfaces to the various dimensions, there are certain factors that you need to account for when choosing an outdoor table. A huge factor is that it also needs to be waterproof, especially if you live in a place where it rains often! The last thing you would want after investing money is for the table to go bad because of the weather.

Here are some other factors and tips to help you choose an outdoor table:

Outdoor Features: First and foremost, your ping pong table needs to be weatherproof. This includes being waterproof and rustproof. Normally, these tables are designed with metal, wood with a waterproof coating, or a synthetic laminate. These materials make it waterproof.

Dimensions: Normally, the standard ping pong table is going to be 9 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 2.5 feet high. The net of the table will be 6 feet long and 6 inches high. Before you have the table delivered to your house or constructed in your game room, you’ll want to know how big of a space you’ll need to play comfortably. For recreation play, you’ll need to have a room or space of at least 28 feet by 13 feet. If you are looking to run a local league, you’ll need a space of 30 feet by 16.5 feet.

Portability: Especially when a hurricane comes around or your entertaining guests and need to put your ping pong table away, you’ll want to know how portable it is in the first place. You’ll want a table that’s easy to set up and easy to “tear down.” The word you should be looking for here is “fold-up.” These fold-up tables can even be set up and taken down by one person and normally come with wheels to move around. The highest quality of tables even have brakes on the wheels so things don’t get out of hand!

Leg Levelers: This is an extra feature on a ping pong table that you can get if you’re planning on playing outside where perhaps the surface isn’t very leveled. It can be screwed in and out of the table to measure the perfect height out for playing.

Lastly, make sure that your outdoor table tennis table is indeed designed for the outdoors. The indoor tables can get pretty damaged and easily warped by outside conditions. Even though you’ll have to pay a bit more for higher quality when it comes to outdoor ping pong tables in comparison to its indoor counterparts, investing a little more will go a long way.

FAQs About Outdoor Ping Pong Table

We know that purchasing a table tennis table might be quite a big investment. We also know that choosing the right one for your situation can be an overwhelming experience.

That’s why we’ve placed together your most frequently asked questions. If you are caught in between choosing the best outdoor ping pong table for your situation, then these questions can definitely help you work through your most pressing questions.

Q. Do I Need A Cover?

  • Although some cheap covers won’t protect your table from any sort of damage, the higher quality ones will. A tarp-like cover can protect your ping pong table from the sun, wind, rain, outside dirt, and even animals and their droppings. Even if you are folding your foldable outdoor ping pong table for storage, its playing surface is still exposed. It can get easily damaged and even scraped up by the wall or anything else.
  • A good cover should be heavy duty and waterproof. You’ll want to be able to protect your table from precipitation, animal droppings, lawn tools, and even toys flying around.

Q. Buy a used ping pong table: should or not?

  • You can always choose the more affordable way and purchase an already-used outdoor ping pong table. However, you’ll want to make sure that the table is leveled or at least has an additional leveling feature and doesn’t have any missing parts.
  • You’ll want to inspect the net for tears or defects. It can easily be replaced and is quite affordable, as well. If you are purchasing a used outdoor table that is foldable, ask the previous owner to show how it folds and breaks down. If they can’t do it properly and breaking it down is an important factor for you—then this might be a make-or-break feature.

Q. DIY Outdoor Ping Pong Table: What Are The Pros vs. Cons?

  • Even though you might think that you are saving a bunch of money by making a DIY ping pong table, you might not be making the best decision. With all the extra features that should come with an outdoor, portable ping pong table, it might not be worth all the extra work. You’ll need to weatherproof it, use the proper material, possibly make a concrete table or use plywood.
  • If you are still considering it, here are some pros and cons on the matter:

Pros: Self-Satisfaction, saving money in the cost of raw materials in comparison to a completed table.

Cons: Possibly messing it up, having difficulty finding the material, getting the perfect table tennis bounce finish, difficulty in even paint job, time spent.

 Q. Where should I buy an outdoor table?

  • There are so many different sources of where you can get the best outdoor table. Of course, the quality level of the table tennis table you need will highly affect your choices of places. For example, if you simply want one for recreational use, you can get away with purchasing one at Walmart, Sears or Costco for its low prices or Amazon without even seeing it first.
  • However, if you are looking for a highly professional, high-quality table, you might want to consider heading to Craigslist online and dealing with people who really know their ping pong tables. Dick’s Sporting Goods is also another great option since their business is specifically tailored to sports and will know which is best for your situation and budget.

Q. Which are the Best Ping Pong Table Brands?

Depending on your budget and the quality you want, you can get away with purchasing some no-name brands that will cover what you need for your level and situation. However, if you’re looking for the best of the best, the brands that are highly sought out for outdoor ping pong tables are:

  • Kettler Axos 1
  • Harvil Outsider
  • Stiga Vapor
  • Butterfly Rollaway
  • Joola Nova
  • Killerspin BalckStorm
  • Cornileau Crossover

There are of course plenty of other brands out there that can get the job done and are of high quality but these are our top-rated brands.

Q. Where can I get ping pong table replacement parts?

  • Normally, you’ll have to look out for the specific brand of table that you’ve originally purchased to find extra parts for replacement. This might be a great factor to think about before you’ve even made the original purchase of the table. Selecting a ping pong table brand with not only a good reputation but availability in major stores around the country can definitely help you in the long run.
  • Even if you spend a little bit more money in the beginning, you’ll be matched with customer service and available parts for the whole lifespan of your table. 


If you’re looking for the best outdoor ping pong table, you don’t have to look much further than this guide. With all the special features explained, our top outdoor tables on the market given out and so many more tips and helpful hints inside our guide, we hope that this article can help you make the perfect ping pong purchase.

Maybe you are looking for an outdoor table to withstand the weather because you live in an extremely snowy area. Perhaps you are looking for an outdoor table which the whole family can play with an adjustable height. Maybe you just want an outdoor ping pong table that can be stored away quickly and quietly, giving you your backyard and all that patio space back when you’re not playing.

Whatever your preferences may be, there’s an outdoor ping pong table that can meet your standards. We hope that this guide has helped narrow down a few of the best brands and products for you. We also hope that it has made the entire buying process much easier. We wish you the best of luck in finding the best outdoor ping pong table for you and your family.

STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review

The best product review is one that would enable consumers to decide intelligently on which product to buy. Hence, in this STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review, we’ve tried to be impartial in our evaluation of th e merits of buying this ping-pong table model. The STIGA XTR is rolled out by STIGA Sports, a company that thrives in manufacturing great table tennis products and air hockey products.

STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review

STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review

To come up with a useful and informative review of STIGA XTR, we’ve collected all the pertinent information online about this product, including the online reviews and feedback provided by present users of this product. We’ve also assessed this ping-pong table using the following parameters: Design and features, durability, ease of assembly and storage, price, dimensions, weight, and warranty.

  1. Design and Features

The STIGA XTR features a remarkable 6-mm thick aluminum composite top supported by 1 and 1/4-inch thick steel legs. These steely legs come with levelers for even playing field. These legs also come with 3-inch diameter wheels that are equipped with locks.

This ping-pong table is designed for all-weather situations. Its aluminum composite is designed to be rust-resistant. Its 1.25″ steel legs with levelers are strongly welded to a cross brace. The legs also come with a self-deploying feature. Its wheels with locks are nicely designed to keep the table in place.

This table comes in two separate halves. Each half can be used as a multi-use table. It also comes with a 72-inch net and post set with a threaded clamp attachment for easy setup. On the underside of the table, you would see a table safety latch system as a safety measure.

  • Durability

You will never know the limit of the durability of a table tennis table unless you subject it to rigorous games and heavy banging. Hence, to figure out the durability of the STIGA XTR, we’ve subjected this table to long hours of heavy games and banging. Plus, we’ve also subjected it to heavy loads.

The result is obvious. Its built is durable and its design, as mentioned above, is for all-weather conditions. Its steel components are resistant to rust. It is also not UV-light sensitive; moreover, it is resistant to warping. Its steel apron is sturdy enough to support the whole frame while its silkscreen striping makes for a perfect finish for the tabletop.

  • Ease of Assembly and Storage

The STIGA XTR is pretty simple to assemble. We’ve tried to assemble it on our own; and the only tool that we’ve used for setting it up is the wrench/socket for tightening down its roller attachments. The box is a little heavy and you may require a helping hand to carry it. It comes 95% preassembled; hence, it doesn’t require much assembling. You can set it up in less than 30 minutes.

With regards to storage, since this table comes in two halves, you can readily fold this table and stack both halves together in one place. You can also effortlessly fold the legs. This table is surely designed for an ultra-compact storage position.

  • Affordability

The STIGA XTR is within the affordable range of table tennis tables. You can to buy it at Amazon.

  • Dimensions and Weight

The dimensions of the STIGA XTR are 63 x 57 x 4 inches. It weighs around 166 pounds and it is several pounds lighter than the JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table.

  • Warranty

The STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table comes with a one-year warranty.

Pros and Cons


  • On the plus side, the STIGA XTR is built for all-weather conditions. This means you can use it anywhere and anytime you want to play ping-pong.
  • It is sturdy and durable.
  • It is also easy to set up for it comes 95% preassembled.
  • It also offers a playback feature.


  • Its 6-mm playing surface is thin. Thus, it does not give the ideal bounce that intermediate and professional players would love to have.
  • The safety edging of this table is minimal, meaning it may pose a hazard to young children who come near this table.


We hope to achieve in this STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review a review that is both comprehensive and useful to consumers. Our evaluation of this table, however, has a positive note on it. Most buyers of ping-pong tables want something durable and sturdy. This table appears to be sturdy and durable; thus, it is a good buy.

The STIGA XTR is a great option for the recreational playing of table tennis. It is not, however, the ideal ping-pong table for professional tournament and competitions because professional players have sophisticated taste and preference. But this table is definitely worth buying, given its not so expensive tag price and some sterling features.

JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table Review

This JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table Review is a comprehensive evaluation of the merits of buying this ping-pong table. This review aims to provide prospective buyers of ping-pong table an in-depth assessment of the pros and cons of buying this table. Joola, of course, is a combination of “Jooss,” a department store, and “Landau,” a city in Germany.

Joola as a brand has been producing great table tennis since 1952, and JooLa Inside Table Tennis Table is one of its popular products. JOOLA Inside is an indoor regulation table is a great table for those who would like to learn the basics of the table tennis game. It is great for enjoying the day playing ping-pong with your kids, friends, and relatives.

JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table Review

JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table Review

To come up with a great review, we’ve spent several hours playing ping-pong on this table and figuring out the pros and cons of buying it. We’ve also collated information and reviews online about this product, including the feedback left by those who have already bought this item. Furthermore, we’ve evaluated this table according to the following parameters: Design, durability, ease of assembly and storage, affordability, dimensions, and warranty.

  1. Design

The JOOLA Inside is an inexpensive table for beginners and as such, you could not expect something extraordinary from this table. Yet, it does its purpose well by providing a good table to play table tennis. This table features a 15mm MDF Surface Tournament-grade blue tabletop that comes in two halves with 3″ lockable wheels and reliable casters for easy rolling.

You can completely separate each multi-use table. You can also use set this table up in a playback position. Each separate half comes with a sturdy undercarriage with foldable 1.5-inch steel legs and 1.5 steel apron. It also comes with a 72-inch tournament grade net together with post set. It also comes with rubber leg levelers.

It also features a system of spring-loaded safety latches that locks the top of the table in an upright position and prevents the table from unexpectedly unfolding. Its design is naively simple with not much fanfare and style.

  • Durability

We’ve spent several hours trying to figure out if the JOOLA Inside is durable enough, and our take is that it is pretty much durable. We’ve also collated the reviews of those who are using this table and the majority of users of this table seem to find it satisfactorily sturdy to last for years.

Of course, the way you use the JOOLA Inside and the amount of moisture in the place where you position this table can surely have a bearing on the durability and longevity of this table. Its steel components would surely rust if you expose it to much moisture, and thus you should see to it that the place where you keep this table is dry.

  • Ease of Assembly and Ease of Storage

The JOOLA Inside is pretty much easy to assemble. Its manufacturer estimates that you can set it up within 20 minutes out-of-the-box for it is 95% preassembled. Some, however, find it difficult to set up and reported that it took them an hour to set it up. The step-by-step procedure for setting it up is quite easy to follow.

With regards to ease of storage, since the JOOLA Inside comes in two halves, you can easily stack it away and it doesn’t take much space when stored.

  • Affordability

One great come-on of JOOLA Inside is its price, for you can get it in Amazon. It is affordable considering that it is a tournament-grade table. Other tournament-grade tables may perch at $1,000.

  • Dimensions

As a competition-grade table tennis table, the JOOLA Inside has the following dimensions: 108 x 60 x 30 inches. It also weighs around 189 pounds.

  • Warranty

The JOOLA Inside comes with a 1-year warranty.

Pros and Cons


  • There are many upsides to buying this ping-pong table. First, it is easy to set up and will take you a minimum of 20 minutes to assemble it.
  • It appears to be durable.
  • It has a dual safety locking system for great safety.
  • It is lightweight at 137 pounds.
  • It is also less expensive and very affordable.


  • Its table top is not a solid 1-inch thick as some high-grade tournament tables.
  • It has problems with stability because it lacks stand adjustment capabilities.
  • Its steel component is susceptible to rusting when stored in a place with high humidity.


As mentioned above, the goal of this JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table Review is to provide consumers an unbiased and informative review of this table tennis table. The upsides on buying this table are great as compared to the downsides. Of course, there are many other tables that are better than the JOOLA Inside and if you are willing to shell out some more money, you can surely find a bouncier and better table than this one.

The JOOLA Inside is definitely designed for beginners and for those who would like to learn the rudiments of table. It is not the best table for those who are vying to become topnotch professional ping-pong players. Yet, it would surely serve its purpose of providing a ping-pong table that you could readily use indoor.

STIGA Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Table Review

If you are looking for a good ping pong table, you might as well read this STIGA Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Table Review to learn about the merits of buying this table. This table is one of the ping-pong table offerings of STIGA Sports, a Swedish company known for great table tennis products. This ping-pong table is a professional-grade model and comes with the important features that most table tennis aficionados would surely love to see in a ping-pong table.

STIGA Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Table Review

STIGA Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Table Review

To come up with a comprehensive review of the STIGA Advantage, we’ve tested this table and rated it according to the following parameters of Design, durability, ease of assembly, price, dimensions, ease of storage, and warranty. We’ve also collated the different online reviews about this product as well as evaluated the feedback left behind by those who have already availed of this ping-pong table.

  1. Design

STIGA Advantage Competition-Ready Indoor Table Tennis Table is certainly perfect for recreation purpose. Its design features a quick setup design that allows you to set it up quickly within ten minutes. Out-of-the-box, it is almost 95% pre-assembled.

This table features a 5/8-inch thick board which is slightly thinner than the common table tennis top. It also comes with 3″ lockable casters for easy setup and storage. Furthermore, it comes with a unique chassis design with two independent halves that could serve as multi-use tables.

The STIGA Advantage features a safety latch system that is spring-loaded on the underside for added safety and sturdiness during games. Moreover, it comes with a 72-inch durable net with an accompanying post set. The net also comes with a clamp-style attachment for easy setup.

  • Durability

We’ve inspected the different components of this table and have subjected this table to heavy banging and loads. It surely passed our rigorous tests and it appeared to be sturdily designed with safety latch system to withstand rigorous games. This table is tournament-ready, although it is less thick than other popular ping-pong tables; yet, it definitely offers great bounce.

Its top is made of medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Its tabletop is also professionally wrought via automated roller coating process, giving this table a seemingly durable dark blue color. The table is also demarcated by silkscreen printed lines.

Its less thick tabletop, however, may not hold up to the constant effect of moisture and harsh temperature changes.

The STIGA Advantage comes with four legs that appear to be durable and are capable of holding massive weight. Its eight wheels seem to be sturdy enough to last constant rolling motion. Its led levelers are also made of heavy-duty steel.

  • Ease of Assembly

As mentioned above, the STIGA Advantage comes with 95% of its components preassembled. Hence, it requires very minimal assembling out-of-the-box. In fact, you can be off playing after ten minutes of minimal setup.

  • Dimensions

The STIGA Advantage is a professional-grade table tennis table that comes in standardized size. Its dimensions are 63 x 108 x 30 inches. Its playback position has the dimensions of 60 x 66 x 64 inches; while its storage position is 60 x 28 x 64 inches.  Its shipping weight is around 189 pounds.

  • Ease of Storage

The good thing about the STIGA Advantage is that it comes with two freestanding tables that are easy to stack away. Its storage position dimensions are 60 x 28 x 64 inches. Its storage position readily frees up space because you can have the two independent tables nesting on each other for ultra-compact storage position.

  • Warranty

The STIGA Advantage comes with a one-year warranty.

Pros and Cons


  • One great positive of the STIGA Advantage is that its playing surface provides an excellent bounce for the ball.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • Plus, it offers playback position.
  • You can use each half of this ping-pong table separately for other useful purposes.
  • Its price is affordable.


  • Its thickness is way below the standard thickness of professional-grade ping-pong table.
  • It is susceptible to the effects of moisture and humidity.


After engaging in this STIGA Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Table Review, our take on this productis that this ping-pong table is good enough for recreational purpose, though it can also be used for tournaments. It is undoubtedly a pro-quality table and you can surely enhance your ping-pong skills using this pro-grade table. You may have some reservations about its thickness and susceptibility to humidity and moisture; yet, in the last analysis, this table surely does serve its purpose well of providing you with a great table to while away your time.

The STIGA Advantage may not be the best ping pong table on the market today, but it is surely a great buy if you are looking for at Amazon. Of course, its durability also depends on how you use it and the amount of humidity and moisture in your storage and recreation room.

Killerspin Jet 800 Ping Pong Paddle Review

One brand that is known for rolling out table tennis rackets is the Killerspin, and in this review, we are going to engage in Killerspin Jet 800 review. The Killerspin Jet 800 is a great pre-made ping pong paddle that offers both great power and spin. It is rolled out by Killerspin, a company founded by Robert Blackwell, and it is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

Killerspin Jet 800 Review

Killerspin Jet 800 Review

To provide consumers with a review that is both useful and informative, we have collated all the available information about Killerspin Jet 800. We’ve also bought a unit of this racket and subjected it to rigorous tests of long hours of heavy plays. Moreover, to have a holistic review of this racket model, we’ve used the following parameters of design, ease of use and level of comfort, durability, affordability, dimensions, weight, and warranty.

  1. Design

The Killerspin is well-known in the U.S. because it is a home-grown brand. Its Killerspin Jet 800, of course, is also a popular racket model which is used by both amateur and professional players.
This racket sports various features that make this racket a popular choice among table tennis aficionados.

The Killerspin Jet 800 has a sterling design that is quite professional. It features 5 layers of light wood and 2 carbon layers for great performance and power. It also sports professional grade 2-mm Nitrix-4Z rubbers that offer great control on the ball while providing a great spin on your serves.

It also features an ergonomic flared handle that offers a great grip for the racket and comfort while playing. Its rubbers are also ITTF-approved.

  • Ease of Use and Level of Comfort Afforded

As mentioned above, the Jet 800 is a professional-grade racket that is designed for use by serious players. It is surely great for backhands and forehands and provides you with an awesome grip on the ball. Plus, it also brings in a heavy spin on your serves.

You would surely find this racket very easy to handle and use for different table tennis tactics and strategies. If you want accuracy, you will undoubtedly love using this racket for it is fairly accurate with a control rating of 8, a spin rating of 9, and a power rating of 9.5.

When it comes to the level of comfort afforded by this racket, it offers great facility and comfort during play. If you thrive in high-speed games, you will find this racket capable of insane speed and massive spin. Overall, you will find this racket pretty easy and comfortable to handle.

  • Durability

To check on its durability, we’ve subjected the Jet 800 to a rigorous test of long hours of heavy games. Well, in our assessment, it pretty much lived up to our expectation and proved itself durable enough for long hours of heavy banging and intense play. It is of great made and surely can last for several months of intense games without showing any wear or tear.

  • Affordability

The Jet 800, of course, is more expensive than other popular ping-pong rackets. It is also more expensive than the Pro Carbon of STIGA. Yet, both racket models almost have the same characteristics and features. Thus, the additional cost of buying this racket is not justifiable relative to the Pro Carbon.

  • Dimensions and Weight

The Jet 800 has the following dimensions of 6″ x 6 1/8″. It also weighs around 190 grams which is a bit heavier than the Pro Carbon.

  • Warranty

The good thing about the Killerspin Jet 800 is that it comes with a 30-day warranty.

Pros and Cons


  • The Killerspin Jet 800 offers great grip and bounce.
  • It also offers awesome ease of use and comfort because of its ergonomic design.
  • It provides great spin and speed.
  • It is heavier than its counterparts and provides great thrust.


  • Since the Jet 800 is a very fast racket, it sacrifices accuracy on the one end.
  • It is also heavy on your hand and causes more fatigue than its lighter counterparts.
  • It is also more expensive than its counterparts.


There is no doubt that the Killerspin Jet 800 is an awesome racket for intermediate as well as professional players. Thus, in this Killerspin Jet800 Review, we are fairly aware of this; thus, we gave this racket model a positive review. Yet, it is not as perfect as it may seem for it has also its fair share of downsides.

The Jet 800 is too speedy that readily sacrifices control. It is also heavier than its counterpart, making it not ideal for long games because it would surely strain your hand faster than that of its lighter counterpart. Moreover, it is more expensive than its nearest counterpart like that of Pro Carbon.

Without the Pro Carbon to compare it with, the Killerspin Jet 800 would surely be a good buy. But since it has almost the same quality as that of the Pro Carbon but is more expensive, it is easy to compare it with the Pro Carbon and conclude that that the STIGA Pro Carbon offers greater value for your money. Yet, on its own, the Killerspin Jet 800 is a great buy with its great features and qualities.

STIGA Pro Carbon Review

We’ve reviewed a lot of table tennis rackets before, but we were quite excited to engage in the STIGA Pro Carbon review because of the growing popularity of this racket among many table tennis enthusiasts. The STIGA Pro Carbon has a good reputation for being one of the best racket models rolled out by STIGA Sports. STIGA Sports, of course, has been known for great table tennis products, and one such product is the STIGA Pro Carbon.

STIGA Pro Carbon Review

STIGA Pro Carbon Review

We’ve bought a couple of STIGA Pro Carbon so as to have a first-hand experience of how this racket would fair when used for long hours in actual games. We’ve also collated all the online reviews and feedback about this racket to ensure that nothing is unturned in this review. Moreover, we’ve used valuable parameters such as those of design, ease of use and level of comfort, durability, affordability, dimensions, weight, and warranty to come up with an unbiased evaluation of this racket model.

  1. Design

The STIGA Pro Carbon has a sterling design that includes great features. First, it is a performance-level ping-pong racket. It has a concave handle, just like that of the Evolution, and it features a solidly built 7-ply blade, 5 of which are made of extra light wood, while 2 of them are made of carbon. Its sponge is 2mm in thickness, and its rubber is made of S5 rubber that is specifically designed for intermediate and professional players.

The carbon layers provide this racket with crazy speed; moreover, it makes for good for offensive games. It also features Nano Composite Technology in its design for tighter bonds with the rubber; plus, it features microscopic air capsules in its ultralight rubber for maximum elasticity and speed. It also features Crystal Technology that hardens the blade’s surface to increase speed.

  • Ease of Use and Level of Comfort Afforded

When it comes to ease of use, many users of this racket attest to the fact that this racket is easy to use. Its solid built and 2mm sponge provides it with awesome speed and catapult-effect; moreover, its sweet spot is greater than those of the other STIGA racket models. It also features a hand-shake handle that is easy to grip and hold during play.

When it comes to the level of comfort, there is no doubt that the STIGA Carbon is the best racket of the STIGA racket series when it comes to the level of comfort afforded during play. If you are an intermediate player, you would surely say that this racket generates a decent spin and excellent speed. It may be difficult to control it at the onset, but you would surely get the hang of it.

Its ratings include the following: speed is 99 while spin is 100 and control is 80. Its forehand feel is definitely great and adds power while its backhand may lack a bit of spin. It is surely great for players who are just getting into the competitive mode of playing table tennis.

  • Durability

STIGA Sports has been known for durable products and we think that the STIGA Pro Carbon is a durable product likewise. To prove that the STIGA Pro Carbon is durable, we’ve subjected it to heavy banging tests of long hours of forceful games. It passed our test and we could vouch for its durability; though, this racket is not be meant to last for years.

  • Affordability

The STIGA Pro Carbon, just like the STIGA Evolution, is basically within the affordable price range of ping-pong rackets. Compared with other racket models rolled out by STIGA, it is more expensive, but taking into account its quality, its price is definitely reasonable.  

  • Dimensions and Weight

The dimensions of the STIGA Pro Carbon are 22″ x 7″ x 2″ and it weighs around 185 grams.

  • Warranty

It doesn’t come with a warranty.


  • The STIGA Pro Carbon comes with a stylish look that features great contrasting colors.
  • It is great for intermediate players.
  • It provides a great feel that you would surely relish.
  • It is a quality racket with ITTF-approved rubber.


  • The edges and handle can be a bit rough and may need a bit of sanding.
  • It is not ideal for chopping stroke and backhand.
  • Its rubber can’t be replaced.


We engaged in this STIGA Pro Carbon review because we would like to provide good information for “would-be” buyers of ping-pong rackets. After rigorous testing and gathering of information about this racket, we believe that this racket model is a good buy. It may not be the best racket for professional players, but it surely can enhance your skills as an intermediate player.

The STIGA Pro Carbon, of course, is the best offering of STIGA when it comes to table tennis racket. Its 7-ply feature is a remarkable improvement from its previous offerings. Lastly, its features and quality are surely commensurate with its price.

STIGA Evolution Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket Review

We believe that writing a product review is a great way to enable consumers to get useful information about a product. Hence, we have engaged in STIGA Evolution review to let consumers see the merits in buying this table tennis racket. STIGA Sports, of course, is the maker of STIGA Evolution and it is a Swedish company that specializes in manufacturing sports products like air hockey tables, table tennis, and snow riders since 1938.

Stiga Evolution Review

STIGA Evolution Review

The product review of STIGA Evolution will never be exhaustive if we are not going to read everything about this racket. It will also never be complete without considering the feedback of previous users of this product. Moreover, to come up with an unbiased review of this table tennis racket, we’ve used the following criteria of design, ease of use and level of comfort, durability, affordability, dimensions, weight, and warranty.

  1. Design

STIGA Sports had rolled out a series of STIGA table tennis rackets such as STIGA Pro Carbon, Supreme, Titan, Apex, and Evolution; yet, among these racket models, the STIGA Evolution comes out to be the one which was designed for greater control. Compared to the Pro Carbon, it lacks speed, though it is capable of lots of power. It is a performance-level racket with concave handle, premium rubber, sponge, and 6-ply blade.

Its design makes use of Shock Dispersion Tube Technology (SDT Technology). This technology makes use of a composite rod that is perfectly integrated into the blade and handle. It allows for greater vibration and energy upon contact with the ball; it enhances control, speed, and feel.

The Evolution features excellent craftsmanship. Since it is designed, not for beginners, but for intermediate players, it features a shake-hand paddle. It is made of ultra-light rubber that does not feel heavy on the hand. It is also made of 6 plies made of light wood and 2-mm sponge that features microscopic air bubbles.  

  • Ease of Use and Level of Comfort Afforded

The STIGA Evolution, as mentioned above, is made of 8 lightwood plies with a concave handle. This paddle is definitely cool and easy to hold and is lightweight enough not to put too much strain on your hand after long hours of playing. It also features ultra-light rubbers that do not add up to its weight.

With regards to the level of comfort, we’ve tried to use it for several hours to figure out the exact level of comfort it affords. Well, our assessment showed that it is very comfortable to the hand with its hand-shake feature. It is also not speedy enough like the Pro Carbon, and thus, it is great to use.

  • Durability

Compared to other less expensive ping-pong rackets, this racket appears to exhibit a high level of durability. We’ve subjected it to several days of great games and it showed no wear and tear. It may be lightweight even though it has six plies, but its being lightweight does not translate to weakness in its design.

This racket is designed for heavy workout and thus it will surely last for several months of long hours of playing. It is designed also for intermediate players which means it is a performance level racket that would not readily crack and get damaged. It is, however, not meant to last for several years as vouched for by some users who had their STIGA Evolution rackets damaged after several months of hard games.

  • Affordability 

The STIGA Evolution, of course, is still within the affordable range of rackets. You can buy it at Amazon. Compared to other rackets, like the STIGA Supreme and Titan, it is definitely more expensive.

  • Dimensions and Weight

The STIGA Evolution has the following dimensions of 12 x 7.3 x.28 inches. It also weighs around 7.2 ounces. It is slightly heavier than the STIGA Titan.

  • Warranty

The STIGA Evolution doesn’t come with a warranty.


  • The rubber of the STIGA Evolution is ITTF-approved.
  • It affords greater control.
  • Its rubber provides it with good speed and very decent spin.
  • It offers great precision.


  • On the downside, the STIGA Evolution seems to be very lightweight and not ideal for use by those who forcefully play.
  • It also exhibits a lack of control due to its less solid handle. 


This STIGA Evolution Review shows that this racket is a better racket than the STIGA Titan and Supreme. It is also designed for intermediate players who like to up their skill levels. Its great features include stun-absorptive elasticity, affords great control and spin, being lightweight, ideal for defensive players.

On the downside, its hollow handle makes it less ideal for use by forceful players who thrive in offense. Overall, we could say that this is a great choice as a tennis racket. Its use will surely enhance and raise your game a notch higher.