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Ping Pong Trick Shots - How Do They Do It?

Ping Pong Trick Shots – How Do They Do It?

Most people believe that in the ping pong, a ball will always go straight and it will always be a simple shot. Experienced gamers are masters of a ball and they can do some amazing shots. They are usually known as trick shots and they will require a lot of time to be mastered.  Luckily, we can explain them, so you will be able to master them in far less time. Let’s take a look at the most popular ping pong trick shots!

best ping pong trick shots amazing

Felsch shot

This may be the simplest type of shot, but your opponent won’t be able to return a ball to you. The main goal is to ‘’cut’’ a ball as it drops. It means that the racquet should be under an angle and when it hits a ball, it will start spinning, but also move forward, to the table part of your opponent. These balls are extremely hard to return and if a player tries to hit them quickly, they always end outside a table.

Third ball attack

When you serve, and our opponent returns a ball to you, try to shoot it harder, so it reaches the opponent’s end of the table. As the result, the opponent will return a high ball. The third time you will have an ability to shoot and to make the sauce.

Heavy backspin

You won’t be able to find a better trick than the backspin. You won’t be able to find more complicated as well. The essence is to make a serve, a ball will hit your field near the net, across the net and hit the opponent’s field, also near the net. But then, it will return to your field. In order to get that effect, you will have to serve so the ball with start spinning as hard as possible, in the opposite direction where it has been served. This trick is so great that it is almost impossible to return this type of a ball.

Backhand spins

This can be a useful service, but when you mastered the technique, you can return a ball same as you will do during the service. The main goal is to spin the ball, but also to make it go in a curvy line. The main thing you will have to do is to hit it while you move a racquet in the parallel line with the edge of the table. Then, the ball will go forward, but also in the curved line. Note: When your opponent shoots, never try this move, or a ball will go outside a table.


This is a shot that is simply extremely annoying, but always to your opponent. If you do it correctly, you can win every non-professional match. Here is what you will have to do. Hit a ball slowly, so it will reach the net and hit it, but only the lower half of a ball will make a contact. This will slow down the ball and it will literally fall into the opponent’s field, 1 inch close to the net.

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