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Ping Pong (Table Tennis) Rules - Best Ping Pong Table

Ping Pong (Table Tennis) Rules

Rules in ping pong or commonly known as table tennis are changed occasionally. In order to play as a professional, or to prepare for a professional tournament, knowing the latest rules is important. Here you will be able to get an idea about the recent and the latest rules in table tennis.


* A game is played until one player reaches 11 points. The situation is the same if it is a double game (4 players play). If both players reach 10 points, the score will be 0-0 and the first who reaches 3 points is the winner.

* The dimensions of a table must be 9 x 5 x 2.6 feet. A table must be green or blue and the net must be 6 inches high.

* A table must have a parallel line that divides the top into equal parts. The line must be 3 inches wide and it must be in white color.

* The diameter of the ball must be 40 mm and the weight of it must be 2.7 grams. All balls in professional table tennis must meet these rules.

* A racquet can be of any shape and there are no rules regarding it, but the blade of it must be flat and 85% of it must be made from wood. A material that covers the blade must be 2 mm thick and it is usually made from rubber.

* A game will start with a service. A player must throw a ball in the air, wait to fell 10-20 cm above the table and then he/she can hit her.

* A ball must hit both parts of a table, divided by the net.

* If a ball touches a net during the service, the same player will repeat the process. If the ball touches the net again, the opponent’s side will get a point.

* In a case 4 players play a game, a service must be made diagonally. The ball cannot touch the right half of each field. If it does, the opposing team will get a point.

* Before a match begins, both players have the right to practice for two minutes. This is possible before the match starts and after that, they cannot practice.

* If it is a team event, players can get the advice from any member of their team. However, if it is a single event, players cannot get advice.

* Each player will get one warning. If he repeats the offense, an opponent will get a point.

* The clothes in a game can be of any color, but it must be with short sleeves. The main color of the clothes, especially the color around the shoulders and the shorts must be a different color than the color of a ball, used in the game. Note: Official balls are usually white, but they ay be yellow as well.

* Each player must wear socks. The shoes with soft sole are a must as well.

* Suits designed for warming are available as well, but they cannot be worn during the game.