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Analyzing Your Ping Pong Game - Best Ping Pong Table

Analyzing Your Ping Pong Game

Analyzing your ping pong game and thus realizing both your strengths and weaknesses can really make a difference in how competitively you play. Because of this, it is important that you take the time to analyze your playing style and then both train and utilize equipment that will cater to strengthening your strategies while minimizing your weaknesses.

Analyzing Your Ping Pong Gameanalyse ping pong game

First of all, a proper analysis of your “attacking style” is needed. The next time you are playing, think carefully and consciously take note of how you respond to each ball hit towards you. Do you loop your paddle upwards during your swing? Do you slice both the air in your way and the ball when you hit it, causing a great deal of backspin for your opponent to tackle? Do you prefer to play very far away from the ping pong table, allowing yourself a lot of time to carefully analyze the way that the ball is spinning towards you, or do you stand as close at possible to the table, not allowing your opponent any room to breathe before you return his hits? Do you find yourself dancing all around the ping pong table, no matter how skilled your opponent may be, or do you think of yourself as a more stationary player? Is the way in which you hit the table tennis ball a very aggressive, offensive manner or do you tend to simply try to focus on more defensive “stop sign” methods by allowing consistency in returning all shots be your main weapon?

In addition to analyzing your playing style, make sure that you play special attention to both your strengths and weaknesses. There’s a pretty good chance that your strengths are areas that you are naturally getting a lot better at, but improving your weaknesses usually requires more focused attention and training. Every time you miss a point, either by simply not hitting the shot back or by hitting the ball back too far or too short, think about why something happened. If your reflexes were just not fast enough, think about how your opponent positioned himself and hit the ball immediately prior to your failed attempt at returning it. Remember how your opponent approached the ball and better position yourself to receive such a shot the next time. If you are having difficulty in switching between backhands and forehands, ask your opponent to feed balls to both sides, alternating between left and right regularly. During a game, if you find that you are having trouble in remembering to switch your wrist’s position to prepare for either a backhand or forehand, simply take note of every shot that you miss and try to correct it the next time. Just by doing this simple “stop and analyze” method during every point you can greatly increase your game as you become your own coach and consciously realize what playing styles can help you win or cause your defeat.

Once you have adequately analyzed your playing strategies, make sure that the paddle that you are using is designed for such a playing style. Most quality ping pong paddles offer descriptions about whether they’re built specifically to enhance spin, looping styles, etc. in game play. Try to find a paddle that you are comfortable with that both enhances the strengths of your playing style and helps compensate for your weaknesses.